10 Reasons Why The Slaughterhouse Album Will Flop!

-Top 10 List: 10 Reasons Why The Slaughter Album Will Flop!-

10.   They got their deal on a hook-up, not on merit. Eminem and Royce Da 5’9 stop beefing, then all of a sudden Slaughterhouse signs to Shady Records.

9.   Too many voices on one song. Nobody wants to hear four people rapping on every song.

8.   The Anti Industry movement is dead! These dudes are rich now, nobody wants to hear them rap about how the record labels did them dirty, but in spite of that they somehow remain underground. We don’t believe you, you need more people!

7.   The era of being super lyrical has long past. Everyone in Slaughterhouse is lyrically nice, but the consumer just doesn’t give a fuck about that anymore.

6.   They lack the necessary fan base for them to have a breakout album. Honestly, their fan base is nonexistent. Only Joe Budden & Royce Da 5’9 really have a true following due to the fact they had somewhat successfully solo careers. Nobody has really heard of the other two, what’s their names again? Oh yeah, that’s right, Crooked I & Joell Ortiz.

5.   NO BUZZ!!! NO RADIO PLAY!!! Somebody please name the last Slaughterhouse song they’ve Heard on the radio? Don’t worry I’ll wait!

4.   They lack the ability to make hit songs, or just even good songs. They’re great lyricist, but horrible at making songs as a group.

3.   The People Love A Struggling Artist!!! Once an artist screams they don’t want to be mainstream, the people take them at their word. The Fans also know if Slaughterhouse was to do well, not only would the group members themselves change so would the music. As much as Slaughterhouse claims they’re anti mainstream and anti industry if they were to blow, (pause) those dudes would flip faster than a plastic red cup at a college party.

2.    Despite the “Machine” backing them I have yet to see them work with a big name artist. Name one rap heavy weight or hot up and coming artist you expect them to have on the album other than Eminem.  Don’t worry I’ll wait, and if they do happen to land a big name it will be off the strength of Eminem, not them.

1.   The number 1 reason why the Slaughterhouse album will flop is, Eminem isn’t the powerhouse he once was. The whole Aftermath, Shady, and G-unit movement just isn’t poppin anymore. Right now the hip hop game is centered around southern artist. Eminem, as well as Slaughterhouse have this whole persona that they’re lyricist and they are “Too Good” to work with the likes of these southern artist that currently have the game on smash. The hip hop game is slowly moving back towards a unified front. Meaning, all the relevant artist are working with one another to give the consumer what they want. See what Slaughterhouse fails to realize is having an elitist and holier than thou attitude and just being stuck in one era musically is not the mood of the culture right now. The same thing that defines them will ultimately hurt them where it counts the most.   And That Ladies And Gentlemen is a…FACT!


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