TRUE Top 10 Best Scenes In Straight Outta Compton


Top 10 Best Scenes In Straight Outta Compton

10) Racial profiling outside of the recording studio

This scene was crazy and very powerful. Seeing how a black cop has to act against his own people to protect himself and his position due to the bigotry and racial hate. This scene inspires N.W.A to write their notorious track, Fuck tha police. This scene was very intense just like many other scenes in the film.


9) Dr. Dre’s little brother’s death

As heartbreaking as it was to see Dr.Dre (Corey Antonio Hawkins) lose his baby brother, it was also heartwarming to see how close N.W.A was in the beginning before all the drama went down between them. In the end the movie shows that they are always going to be brothers and have eachtoher’s back.


8) Ice Cube and Brian the reporter/ journalist

This was one of the funniest scenes. Ice Cube was not playing around with the reporter, Brian and was going to allow him to control the story at all.


7) Fuck tha police performance

N.W.A making their message loud and clear about how much they don’t give a fuck about the police. After having a little chat with the police before their performance , they collective decided to go against the police force wishes and perform the song  Fuck tha police although the police threaten to arrest them. This scene just proves N.W.A’s point. It showed how much power and how much of a voice N.W.A had and it showed how corrupt the system was.


6)  Ice Cube leaving Ruthless records

Ice Cube was the first one to catch one that Jerry was a fishy character. He was the first one to do the smart thing, which was to walk away which was the kick start of solo career. It takes a lot to reject a check of $75,000.


5) Ice Cube Diss Track

Once Ice Cube finds out that his old group, N.W.A was dissing him in one of their songs, he saw no other choice but to relatite. He hopped into the studio and made a bomb track putting them on blast.


4) City Riot after the verdict

Once the News released the verdict on the 4 policemen that used excessive force on Rodney King as not guilty, it infuriated the black community. They were breaking windows of stores and starting fires along the streets. The scene is very powerful at the end when two young black men are walking toward the police with a red and a black bandana tied together, uniting two famous gangs ( the Bloods and the Crips) while injustice unfolds.


3) Eric getting diagnosed with Aids

The most dramatic and intense scene. Eazy E reaction played by Jason Mitchell and his girlfriend Tomica played by Carra Patterson were very impulsive and realistic. As he is talking to the doctor with his voice breaking, he is facing the reality that his time on earth is very limited.  Being so young and still having so much to give into his music and career, this was a very sad moment to watch.


2)  Cube and the bat

Not how one should handle business, but Ice Cube was not in the wrong at all. He did not get the money that he so rightfully earned and he was just fed up. Cube has been played so many times with his money. This time he made it clear that it was not going to be like that anymore.  


1) Eric firing Jerry

Eric finally realizes that Jerry has been playing him throughout his career. He finally has a clearer head of mind and is confident to walk away from him and try to get N.W.A back together. Jerry is breaking down at this point, showing how dependent on Eazy-E and his success.  


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