5 Artists That Will Be In Some Shit In 2017

2016 has been a crazy year for Hip-Hop,from the deaths to the beefs to the election of our new president. but the one thing that hasn’t changed is that someone was always in some shit this year. From Drake to Meek Millz, someone was beefing,or saying some shit they shouldn’t have said. So heres my list of the top 5 rappers that will continue this trend into 2017.

Lets face it,to the underground heads, Drake is the equivalent to a Build-A-Bear. just soft as hell. but to the rest of the world,the human hug has been coming off like Suge Knight. from going at Joe Budden,to straight up bullying Meek Millz, Drake was on a tear in 2016,and to be honest i don’t see it stopping in 2017. he started out the end of the year with a beef with Kid Cudi.  its just a matter of time before we see who else he is sizing up.

2016  was gonna be a DOPE year for Kanye. his album The Life Of Pablo was released to critical acclaim and almost shut down the internet, the family was doing well (or as well as that family could be) and his tour was set to rake in MILLIONS,then something happened.  some say it was an Illuminati plot to shut him up. some say it was the “Kardashian Curse” taking hold.  his people said it was exhaustion. basically folks,he snapped and its up to HIM to tell us why. so everyone will be looking to see what happens in 2017,but if he gets back to the Kanye we know,it will be some shit popping off.

Since Young MA bust onto the scene there has been controversy. whether its about her hard lyrics or her sexuality,
people have been talking. but what people will REALLY be talking about in 2017 will be the latest set of charges levied against her. that she “scammed” $33,000 dollars from a promoter in New Orleans and on top of that we are still waiting for the fallout from what happened when she barked on a fan for not having their phone out and recording her during her concert. 2017 is gonna be REAL interesting for the Brooklyn rhyme spitter.

I’m gonna bend the rules here a bit. i know its supposed to be 5 artists,but lets face it, this was one of the most talked about things this past year. For years XXL has been putting out these lists and covers and they have been the most anticipated thing in Hip-Hop. everybody wants to see who XXL is gonna dub the future stars. but when this year’s cover came out the Hip-Hop world let out a collective WTF?? Anderson Paak, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Dicky, Dave East, Denzel Curry, Desiigner, G Herbo, Lil Yachty graced this years cover and people didn’t know what to think. most knew Paak from his recent turn on Dr Dre’s Compton album,they knew East from the numerous Nas cosigns, and they knew Dickey from his song with Snoop Dogg. a lot of people were confused on the rest, and when the cypher videos came out…..damn. the whole Hip-Hop world was sent screaming “they all trash” so its gonna be interesting to see what happens in 2017. Paak is making music and doing the award shows,Desiigner went platinum,Lil Dicky is becoming a media darling, the rest of the list is in various stages of disarray and if they put out another list like this XXL may well be in some deep shit next year. which leads us to……



His fans say hes the next wave. his detractors say hes the worst thing to EVER hit Hip-Hop (some even say he shouldn’t even be called Hip-Hop) but no matter what, Lil Yachty has people TALKING. the poster child for mumble rap has been on a tear this year from being on the XXL freshman cover, to saying he couldn’t tell you 5 songs from Pac or Biggie, to saying that the “Old Heads” are just hating on him and need to respect his movement,he has been rubbing a lot of Hip-Hop fans the wrong way.and dropping some of the WORST freestyles of the year is not helping his cause in the eyes of those who don’t like him. and its gonna be REAL interesting to see who he rubs the wrong way in 2017. (he already ended the year with of all people, Shia Labeouf dissing him in a freestyle.)

So there you have it, this is who I think are gonna be in some shit next year. we will just have to wait and see if i’m right or wrong. get that tea ready……

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