A Bathing Ape and Heineken collab

Everyone’s favorite beer is offering the dopest campaign ever all for their traditional, limited edition collection. They launch a limited edition partnership collection to represent and celebrate the success of the Heineken100 Program. This time it is A Bathing Ape.  They will be teaming up to launch a 4-piece capsule collection.

This collection includes a ton of green and black garments with the ape pattern on one. The team-up will include a Kangaroo pouch, pullover shark hoodies, six-pack bottle carrier and a coach jacket. Each piece represents A Bathing Ape and Heineken and have limited quantities.

The launching will be on December 12th of this year. It will take place in a Heineken pop-up shop in New York City. There is an age limit though. You must be 21 or older for purchasing. So grown-folks, get what you can because there won’t be enough for everyone!

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