A TRUE Magazine Exclusive” Alchemist & Evidence As “Step Brothers”

From Beverly Hills, CA, Alchemist is a triple threat in the realm of hip hop- producing for some of the industry’s biggest names, DJ-ing for Eminem on his most recent tour, and now rapping on his own project. Los Angeles native Evidence, better known as one third of Dilated Peoples, is also an emcee and producer. Dilated Peoples raised the bars for lyricists all around, and as Evidence branched off in his own solo career, he upheld that bar of lyricism.

In an exclusive interview with Step Brothers, the duo was asked what their take on the lyrical state of hip hop was currently.

“Content and delivery are two different things, some people are great writers, but their delivery is not as good as their writing.” Alchemist states. “Some people go the other way, they have amazing pockets and rhythm. They can do double time and quadruple time, but they don’t really have that much to say. Once in a while you get somebody who can balance it all, and usually those are people who are praised.”

Evidence comments on how Kendrick caused a stir in the rap game.

“I think being a good rapper is the shit. You’re saying something. And being clever was always the thing to do. I don’t think lyrical ever went in or out of style. But Kendrick made a lot of noise. It seemed like people said it was back. He deserved that.”

They both simultaneously conclude, “Our answer is it’s great. It’s fucking awesome.”

Together as Step Brothers, Evidence and Alchemist collaborate to release their latest project “Lord Steppington,” which features guest appearances from Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Blu, Fashawn, and many more. This LP is set to be released on January 21, 2014 on Rhymesayers Entertainment. The album highlights both of the artist’s many talents, with lyric-driven and intricate rhymes and heavy punchlines.

Evidence comments on the feel of the album being less serious than previous projects. It focuses on what their life is like on a day to day business.

“It’s a self-record album. We made it kind of without realizing we were making one, just hooking up everyday and making music like we used to after school type shit. Just putting it away after we made it. Going to lunch and then forgetting about it. Then coming back and Alch going, ‘Yo man, we got a bunch of shit. Wassup.'”

Alchemist comments, “It’s like a slaving independent film, like a good independent film, a Slavic one. We did it from small budgets in the same fashion that a Slavic independent film was.”

Evidence also notes that his main influence for the content of this project is Vinny from Naughty By Nature. Specifically, it was Vinny’s cyphers from 1991 that inspired his own lyrics on his latest project. He claims he “had to be Vinny on this album.”

Complex recently premiered the duo’s first music video “Step Masters,” which is the first track off the album. It entails the two participating in different “brotherly” competitions such as beer chugging, Jenga, fastest orange peeling, ping-pong, DDR, and many more. While they are both legends in the rap game, they are able to showcase their less serious and more playful side. The message to audiences seem to be that while their music careers can be all work and grind, you must love what you are doing and have fun with it also.

by Shirley Ju

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