@AintNoJigga: The OG of Jay-Z on IG

by Biba Adams (@BibatheDiva)

Jay-Z is the Greatest Rapper of All Time. This is up for debate for some, but not for me. And not for @AintNoJigga the Jay fan page that has grown to more than 100K followers through cool photo posts and insider info. Jay-Z is notorious for avoiding social media. His Twitter rant in June of 2017 after being the first rapper inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame is one for the record books. In 2015, he briefly joined Instagram @HovSince96 posted one photo, a tribute to Michael Jackson, and then deactivated his account.

So, there are a lot of fake Jay pages and tribute accounts. But, @AintNoJigga rules them all.

The account calls itself the “Big Homie” of Jay-Z fan pages, and it is the only one that boasts followers (and commenters) from inside the Roc La Familia. The page features regular pictures of Jay (and Bey) along with captions that mention what he is wearing (and how much it costs) as well as insider information about the photo like when and where it was taken. With over 100K followers, the account is a fan favorite. @AintNoJigga, aka ANJ was recently given the chance to compile a playlist for Tidal called AINTNOJIGGA: No One Does It Better after being exclusively selected by Elliott Wilson, Tidal Editorial Director-Culture and Content.

The best part about the ANJ page is the mystery behind who actually runs it. No one knows. Which only makes it more alluring and more fun. There are rumors that the page is actually run from within RocNation, and in my exclusive interview with the person running the page, I didn’t get any closer to solving the mystery. I did get some cool answers to some good questions. Shout out to ANJ for a great interview. Keep up the great work!

TRUE MAGAZINE: What inspired you to create the @AintNoJigga page?

AINTNOJIGGA: Inspiration came when I realized no one had started a fan page in celebration of Hov. Lesser artists had hundreds of pages, but he didn’t even have one, which seemed ridiculous to me considering he is the GOAT. I knew I had a bit of Hov knowledge, so decided to start cataloging as a hobby of sorts.

TRUE MAGAZINE: What has the feedback from inside the Roc camp?

ANJ: Feedback from inside the Roc has been overwhelmingly positive. IG has given me the chance to converse with people I’d never think I could relate to. But I’m appreciative of everyone who has reached out to show the page love.

TRUE MAGAZINE: What have been some of your most popular posts?

ANJ: IG loves a good story behind a real photograph. People seem to really enjoy the posts on the inner circle. And, of course, anything with Bey usually rates high thanks to the reach of her brand and the Hive.

TRUE MAGAZINE: Why have you chosen to stay incognito?

ANJ: The page is an archive of his career, not mine. I decided staying anonymous gives it that extra allure. People stay trying to figure it out. There are some wild theories out there. Ha!

TRUE MAGAZINE: What are your Grammy predictions for 4:44?

ANJ: I would predict he gets at least 3 sippy cups for Blue, Rumi, and Sir. The stan in me would hope for 6+ Ha! For me, Album of the Year is a toss up between Hov and Kendrick. KL is killing everything moving right now, but I think Hov should have an edge for pulling an automatic classic out at this stage of his career. It’s unheard of in the young game that is rap. Also, he has given us six certified classics and this is his first Album of the Year nomination.

Find and follow @AintNoJigga on Instagram and check out the 60th Grammy Awards on Sunday, Jan 28th at 7:30pm EST.

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