Atlanta Rapper Dae Dae Talks Hi-Tunes Tour, His Chart Rising Single, & Inspiration Behind 4 Reasons

Atlanta, the home of what we like to call “trap music” and the inspiration for possibly every other song we hear on the radio and in the clubs, is the stomping ground for some of our favorite artists today. Among the immersed city of talent, is Fourth Ward rapper Dae Dae. The rapper had his share of adversity, but didn’t let that intervene with his hustle. Performing at open mic night every wednesday eventually linked him with DJ Playboi and finding management with Nitti Beatz.

The outcome of this? A banger track called “What U Mean (Aye, Aye, Aye) and a “all the way lit” mixtape “4 Reasons.”

Wanna know what else he’s working on? Let him tell it. Look below.

– where did this love for music all start
Watching Bow Wow and Lil Romeo when they was younger.

– You kind of had to grow up fast. Can you tell me a little about your childhood?
I grew up in Boulevard Fourth Ward in Atlanta. I had a normal childhood. I went to school. I grew up around my daddy. I woild stay with my mom on weekends.

– Somehow you linked with DJ Playboi and was signed to Nitti Beatz Recordings. How did that partnership come about?
Me grinding, as far as like open mics. That’s how I met DJ Playboy. He was DJ’ing the open mic. So that’s how I met him and he end up just playing my music in a studio session he was at and that’s when I met Anthem, my management, and we had a meeting and signed the deal.

-Let’s talk about your single “What u Mean.” What is it like having the number one song in Atlanta? Did you expect for this track to take off like this?
Yeah. Far as like performing wise, I got a quick response. Everybody was loving the dance I was putting with it. They loved my energy. This was big for me.

-How was the tour Hi-Tunes tour? Which city do you feel showed the most love?
I got love from all of them. The Hi-Tunes tour was a learning experience. I performed on big stages and learned how to rock the crowd. I was learning from other artists when they went on and did they sets.

-Can we expect any more tours from you in the near future?
Yes, we’re supposed to go on another tour in the middle of next month. We don’t have a confirmed date.

-what’s next? I know you have the mixtape “4 Reasons” out right now.
Me and London On Da Track doing a mixtape. After I drop this mixtape, I’m dropping another mixtape of my own which is going to be called “5 Reasons.” The other mixtape I dropped was called “4 Reasons.”

-By the way, what’s the inspiration behind the title “4 Reasons.” What influenced you to name it that?
“4 Reasons” was for my children. I had four kids at the time. As far as music wise, it was for motivation, struggle music. Now the next mixtape is about “5 Reasons.” Right now I got five kids.

-Do you have any advice you would give any up and coming rappers trying to pave their way in this competitive industry?
Keep grindin’. Keep working. Don’t get frustrated with it when you don’t get a quick response back. Stay humble and hungry.

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