Bagel Jesus x Mad Dukez – Firrre (Prod. s’likedat)

A collaboration between these two from the Buff is long overdue. Not since high school have these two artists melded minds on a special diddy. My only question is, what took so long? “Firrre” is definitely soup for the soul and the guys compliment each other well. Bagel’s laid back. Mad Dukez brings a little grit to it. Viola! You’ve got yourself some soul warming, throwback music. You can’t get bored of it; the hook is solid. Something I’ve been curious about: are track titles arbitrary? Does it matter if generic or basic? I feel as time goes on, track titles don’t seem to matter. Maybe they never did. Maybe the process is all about the organic free flowyness of working off the dome and the title is an afterthought. Track titles seem more like mood indicators, if anything. Anywho, now that the winter weather is trying to wiggle its way into the forecast, the days are getting shorter. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying a hot cup o’ cocoa or a buttery crumpet by the firrreeeee side late night. Buffalo represent.

Post by Jessica Brant

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