Balenciaga: The Hottest Brand in the World

There are SO many high-quality brands out there. So, so many that it would be nearly impossible to own a piece from them all (unless you’re Beyonce or something). Although most of these brands’ items cost half-to a whole paycheck, haven’t you ever wondered who was the BEST of the Best? Well Balenciaga took that title as The Hottest Brand in the World!

This is based off popularity and sales stats. The Lyst Index is who determines who takes this title. During the “second quarter” of this year, Gucci was marked as the one on top, Yeezy as second and Balenciaga as third place. Balenciaga hit number one in the 3rd quarter of this year with Gucci in 2nd.

Lyst determined that the higher ranking was due to “A new logo and Collette residency kept the brand top of mind, while Denma Gvasalia continues to design products that drive the fashion narrative online.”

To continue the Top 10 best brands, we have, Vetements, Givenchy, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Stone Island, Moncler, and Raf Simons.

Not too surprising to find out that in this day and age, rappers are some of the most influential people in the fashion industry. In the ranking for that title, Kanye comes in at number one. Not surprising at all. Next is Nicki Minaj, Pharrell Williams, Cardi B, Drake (who knew?), and ASAP Rocky. If ever you need a little inspo to hype up your wardrobe, check out some of the looks these rappers rock with and put your own little twist. Maybe save up that check and get you a nice piece from Balenciaga, the best clothing brand in the world.

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