Biggie’s daughter opens clothing store in Brooklyn

When it comes to Hip Hop Legends, The Notorious B.I.G is without a doubt, on the VERY top of the list. Unfortunately, all we have left of Biggie is the memories and the music he made before he passed. At least that is what it was until a couple days ago.

T’yanna Wallace, Biggie’s daughter just opened her first clothing store in New York! It opened on December 2nd on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. It is, of course, called ‘Notoriouss.’ It being named that is a clear indication that this store is inspired by her legendary father.

In honor of her father, the store is designed with popular lyrics from Biggie all over the walls and stacked with Biggie memorabilia It’s perfect for all the Biggie fans out there.  Not only civilians made an appearance, but celebrities did too such as DJ Mr. Cee, Jadakiss, Lil Cease, and DJ Enuff. There were plenty of pictures taken and it was a nice trip down memory lane for all of the fans in Brooklyn. If you’re a huge fan or just want to check it out, for sure, put it on your bucket list because who better to open a store inspired by Biggie than his own flesh and blood?

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