Chi -Town Stand Up An Exclusive with MJ – Chi Towns I GOT NEXT artist

MJ how did you get the name and your swag for people outside of your network?
My dad gave me that nickname when I was born and everyone in my fam calls me that so it was a natural transition to use MJ as my stage name. By me having a french and a chicago background. Both cultures really help me to be the man I am today. I get the best of both worlds
What do you plan on adding to Hip Hop that is new and refreshing to our ears?
I bring a new perspective and voice to the game. There’s not to many artist who are french that are in the game right now or been through what I been through. I really want to shed light about how it is to be a kid from paris and also living in chicago. I bring a unique sound to the game
Being born in Paris, France but raised in Illinois is two different worlds which everyone knows but how do you mix the two lifestyles, ways and music demands?
I try to do my best by balancing both lifestyles and music because being from both I see things differently from someone who never crossed the atlantic ocean.  Like in paris there’s a lot of dope artists from there but the only thing is stopping them from being poppin in the states is the language barrier. I really don’t think about one of the other.I just want to make good music. I just be me and rep both cities to the fullest.
What got you into music?
Before music I was into basketball that was my passion before but it didn’t worked out as I planed. And one day a homie of mine took me to me a Drake show when he was doing the Dreams and nightmare tour. And that night was the highlight of me really dreaming one day I can be on that stage. On that note when I was living on campus in college, my roommate and a couple of homies of mine use to freestyle in the dorms rooms like for fun tho at first to waste some time nothing serious and impress the girls. Until we all decided to start recording ourself in this dudes basement over tagged beats hahaha. That’s were it all started than afta that I started to move faster and got more serious than everyone else I was hanging with and made a commitment to go real far with it.
Take me back to the first time you heard Hip Hop and the first time you picked up a pen to write what was that thought and feeling, as well as the subject your first song was on?
Even though I never took music serious when I was younger I always loved hearing music. My dad has a dope music collection which now I own so I been hearing hip hop since I was a kid with my walkman and headphones. The first time I wrote a song was with my college roommate. I remember it was wack and the quailty was shitty. I remember I was talkin about getting money and hooking up gurls on my the 1st song

Illinois is home to some lyricist how do you feel you stand with them lyrically?

I feel like I’m right there and only getting better lyrically. I’m real confident in ability and I only speak about what I know best which is me
Who have you looked up to from out there and why them over others?
Personally I look up to my grandma. A strong women who raised me and wanted all my dreams to come true. She was my 2nd mom. My everything. When she passed away I promise myself that I’m going to be everything she wanted me to be. She’s one of the reason I have that drive to go take what is mine and make any dream of mine come true
Your affiliated with a group called MVP tell me about the group whose in it and what about them keeps you rocking with them?
 MVP is group me and my close friends are affiliated with. It’s young kids who excel at what they do. Not all of my friends do music. My friend ryan and my bro Nick they be doin they’re basketball thang. My friend Colby he be into school. My otha friend Matt he be doin his skateboard thang. It’s just us doing being good at in what we do. I’m a loyal dude so what ever I do or with I’m also loyal to them
What have yall put out together to date?
Nothing for now. For me being the only artist we’re focus on my first release It’s Never Too Late
You have a single now with Future that is cool how did you get the feature on the song and what was it like working with him?
It’s just me being at the right place at the right time. My song Slapped has been getting spins in Atlanta and been in the blogs and that’s where someone from his camp discovered me. Originally he was going to get on Slapped and do a remix to it but he wanted to see what else I was working on and the 1st song I sent to him was Hello and he loved it and now we here now. Future is a humble dude. Afta doin songs with rihanna drake lil wayne and etc most ppl might act hollywood and think their too big to with an artist like me but real recgonize real and he a real nigga. He’s cool to work with.
With having the spotlight on you from the feature with Future, what’s next that will follow up what you have done to keep it at the same level you have set for yourself?
I see myself evolving and getting better everyday. With the Future co sign more people are now paying attention to my campaign so I’m going to continue making timeless music with my team. It’s crazy cause I’m just getting started. I can only get better. I’m also goin to continue to work on It’s Never Too Late and let the music speak for itself. I’m going to continue to network and grind to make sure I get where I need to be. I just want the credit I deserve that’s all
Where can we get some music to get more familiar with your story in Hip Hop?
On my website
Why do you feel you got next? 
I feel I let a lot of people down, I made the people I cared about the most cry, and I’m still in the process of getting my life back together. But I feel it’s never too late to reach any dream I set myself to reach. My mom always tells me hard work pays off and with my faith and hard work I put into my music career. I feel I deserve to be next. To go through what I went through. I’ve been blessed with a 2nd chance in life and people rarely get those or just give up on life. So I feel this is GOD telling me this is what you were put on this earth to do is to make music. I’m a blessing in disguise but only time will tell and when the numbers come in. Everyone will be a witness.

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