After various rumors flying around about Chris Brown and Rihanna being back together. it was officially confirmed on Friday the 17th. The rumors started because the couple had been seen partying together as well as making out with each other. when they were leaving the Club they left separately but then a mile away Rihanna left her car to go into Chris Brown’s. Chris brown is also featured in her full length track “Birthday Cake.” who knows how long they have been unofficially dating!
Chris Brown was in a relationship with Kurrueche Tran and recently was known for dating Sarah Vivian as well, who happens to be Lil Wayne’s “Baby Momma.” In fact Sarah recently traveled all the way from Atlanta to be in Los Angeles and stop being a “Baby Momma” in the industry and be in the lime light as Chris Brown’s girl. This obviously was not ideal for Rihanna so to put both girls to a stop she took Chris Brown for herself.
Are we supposed to be happy for Rihanna’s latest conquest? I don’t think so, the most she will get from this relationships is more material to make music about. At the end of the day Rihanna was still the girl who was beat to a pulp and put a restraining order on Chris Brown. In case her fans or Chris’s forgot here’s a photo to revive your memory.

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-Rebecca Cruz

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