Chris Brown /Rihanna update


Update On Chris Brown and Rihanna buzz!

And it’s not even her birthday, but Chris Brown still wants to “Turn Up the Music” Yes folks, this is an update on the recent Rihanna-Chris Brown speculation. This time it is melodically inclined, and in tune with social media. You guessed it, the rumors are true!

We all know that Brown is featured on his ex-girlfiend’s new hot single “Birthday Cake Remix”, and it is now available all over the internet for downloading…. But wait, that’s not where it ends! The two former lovers also came together to release a remix to Chris Brown’s new highly requested track: “Turn Up the Music”. Both R&B pop stars posted links to these new releases for the public and fans to get a hold of last night on their twitter pages. Rihanna tweets “@chrisbrown Turn up the music remix #RihannaNavy #Teambreezy enjoy!!!” with a link to the Vimeo audio/video.  Immediately after the post, Chris Brown retweeted her.

This new double collaboration has caused such a media frenzy. There was a widespread buzz all over the internet including twitter, facebook pages, famous bloggers such as Ms. Info of Hot 97 and Perez Hilton were all over it! Needless to say, this created a stir amongst the fans and non-fans of Chris Brown who also tweeted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!” on Rihanna’s actual birthday. She responded, retweeting with a simple “Thanks!” Hold a minute though: how does current girlfriend Karrueche Tran feel about all of this? Are they even still an item, and was she aware of this collaboration?

Drake tweeted (directly mentioning the aspiring actress) “@karrueche How ya Feel, How ya feel, how ya feel?” last night February 20th on twitter. The funny tweet was quickly removed, but nevertheless received many retweets and responses. Was this all a set up? Is this all a publicity stunt to gain awareness and spark interest? Or are these two finally deciding that they don’t care what the media thinks, and have many other surprises awaiting for us listeners. Only time will tell.


Story by Tatiana Robertson (@_ComplexiTy_)

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