When you are talking about rappers who have a story to tell you may think of 50 Cent, Nas, Ice Cube, Slick Rick and more. With the new generation of Mc’s coming of age you will tend to lean towards the beat of a song before the lyrics or message. Well TRUE Magazine came across two artist that came together to create a mixtape that is one of those mixtapes that will make you think of how similar your life is to their situations in their songs. Key Man (Kemanie Pasashii) and Frank Stickemz (Terrance Sims) who are long time friends and fellow lyricists created the mixtape and movement called “The Wind Walkers”, (He who speaks and walks upon the breath of the God) put out by “Key Man Music”.  Though both MC’s were considered hardcore and underground, their artistry compelled them to also create music for the masses. Their first radio single “Mi Amor” a song for the ladies, produced by Cosmo Hickox has been making big waves on some radio stations as well as the street related The Coalition. These two Mc’s are definitely filling in a void in Bay Area Hip Hop.

You can get a free sample of their music by ((Click Here for Some Real Hip Hop))

If your using a Mac computer click here to download >> DOWNLOAD COALITION



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