Compton’s Buck chats with TRUE magazine. Talks about being labeled the “#1 independent artist of the year.”

TRUE: Tell us about how you got into Hip hop? Who made you want to rap?

CB: Well, my boy used to beatbox at school while I rapped, and the energy from my classmates made me want too rap.

TRUE: Tell us about what 2012 has done to your career? what were some of your biggest accomplishments for the year?

CB: My mix tape “Apollo” earning me shows and my new single “Future One Night Stand” video being on MTV Jams. Thats BIG where I come from.

TRUE: How do the mixtapes that you’ve dropped “M.O.E.” and “Apollo” differ from each other? Was there a different thought process behind the making of both of them?

CB: Well, not too much different because in the process of making any project, I treat it like is my first so it has that feel too it.

TRUE: You’re single “Future One Night Stand” has over 5,000,000 views, did you think this track would be that big while you were in the studio creating it?

CB: Yes, it had that subject on the song that everybody is going through right now from 18 to 30. So I had an idea that it would draw a lot of peoples attention.

TRUE: Give us 1 of your favorite studio sessions from each project. Who was there and why was this 1 of your favorites.

CB: On M.O.E, it was with Waka (Flocka) in my studio. We were working and some females were fighting over who they’re going to take down first. I thought that was so live. On “Apollo” when I worked with J Trax on “Fuck a Cup” he made my beat on the the spot. He’s real business.

TRUE: You’ve been crowned the “number 1 independent rap artist of 2012,” who and what advice would you like to give credit to for helping you obtain that stamp?

CB: The credit goes to me. i worked so hard this year, a lot of sleepless nights. 20 hours out of the day I’m pushing the people around me to get where I need to be in this business.

TRUE: Give us a little heads up on the projects that you’re working on now. Who do they feature and when do you think you’ll be releasing them?

CB: My new street tape called “THE BLACK JEW” has unreleased tracks with Nate Dogg, Lil Wanye, and many more, stay tuned in.

TRUE: What are the best lessons that you’ve learned from being in the entertainment business?

CB: Believe nothing that you hear and half of what you see, foreal. Make moves yourself, and everything else will follow like twitter.

TRUE: What are your top 5 albums of all time?

CB: Michael Jackson “Thriller,” Whitney Houston “The Bodyguard,” Tupac “All eyes on me,” Jay Z “Vol 2: Hard Knock Life” and (Notorious) BIG “Ready to Die.”

TRUE: You’re beginning a tour this winter, what cities are you looking forward to visiting the most and why?

CB: North Carolina , Alabama and Texas. These are the cites that request my song the most so shoutout to them.

TRUE: Who has been with you and behind your career since day 1?

CB: Me, myself, and I. It’s been a rough road, but I’m still standing.

TRUE: Do you remember the first song that you ever laid? What was the name of it and what was it about?

CB: It was called “I Will Never Give Up.” It was about doing music to get funding for my mom’s MS disease at the time, but I never checked off that goal, she’s RIP.

TRUE: What were your favorite albums from 2012? What artists do you wish you had a chance to work with that you didn’t?

CB: “SELF MADE,” by Rick Ross. I wanted to work with Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Dr. Dre and Rick Ross.

TRUE: Where can you see yourself in the next 5 years? Will you be branching out to create your own label?

CB: Yea, that will be easy. I do that now, and I know in 1825 days I will be the number one artist in music overall.


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