Demi Lovato’s new Urban look to match her new sound

Let’s talk about Demi Lovato. Not only has she made a complete 180 as far as her style in music she is releasing but she has completely switched up her look as far as beauty and fashion goes and she has never looked better!

We all remember her starting off on Disney Channel singing with her powerful voice as a kid but it seemed even too soulful for Disney Channel. She was destined to do more, to be more. Her look was very cookie-cutter for a while. Then after taking a break due to personal reasons, she came out with the Pop song, “Confident” and her whole look was edgy and she was giving off some very Pink vibes.

Now her music is more soulful than ever, she’s been making appearances with hip hop artists and DJ’s like DJ Khaled and her image is suiting her new path. Long, straight, black hair and tanner skin. Bold lippies, hoop earrings, heels, etc. She literally is a mini-Kim Kardashian with her own twist in the best way.

Once she came out with the song “Sorry, not Sorry,” it seemed fit for her to have these new looks. It sexy, chic, and enhances her curves in the best way. Could it be she is trying to match her new sound with a new look? Let’s take a look at some of the looks from recently.

Iheartradio music awards of this year. Bleached denim pants and jacket set, red lippie, white, fitted blouse tucked in, hair straightened.

Image result for demi lovato iheartradio 2017

Gucci Bralette, red hoop earrings and a bracelet to match.

Image result for demi lovato gucci bralette

MTV EMA’s wearing a white and black plaid printed high-waisted suit set by Styland with nothing underneath.

Image result for demi lovato styland suit

We can really learn something from Demi Lovato, here. Be Fierce, Be Bold, Be Confident because there is nothing wrong with that.


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