Dominican DJ Queen

The days of Dominican street music being mostly male dominated seem to be changing. With female artists like La Insuperable and La Materialista maintaining their positions over the years, the chicas are proving that their game is serious with developing sounds while taking advantage of the obvious appeal in their female image. It’s a quite a sight to see the combo of beauty and skill with downright street attitude, with such skill and professionalism. Not just restricted to the microphone we are starting to see the revolution in the DJ world as well. With the rise of DJ Chama, one of the hottest DJ’s in the Dominican Republic, it’s her skill’s on the 1’s and 2’s that in demand. In regards to to using the female form to grab attention DJ La Chama aka “Toples” (Bad translation for “topless”) is also showcasing that shock value at her shows, adding seductive visuals to the audio in her live sets. Her live sets are getting millions of hits on youtube and she has yet to release anything official. With her rising popularity we may see some big name collabs on a future mixtape or project sometime in the near future. This is one to listen (and watch) for!

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