Don’t Sleep on Icytwat

If you’ve been following the burgeoning careers of Divine Council, you’re aware that Icytwat is one of Hip Hop’s best secrets. His beats are dreamy soundscapes, synths built lucidly on trappy drums that don’t overpower the environment. I first discovered him Noisey article. The track ‘P$42WW$’ kept catching my attention. I was blown away. I kept repeating to myself, ‘who is making these beats??’

The tag on every track of his tracks on SoundCloud is #AUDIO PASTEL, if that says anything. He and Council member $ilkmoney coined the term after exploring each’s synesthesia when making money. The Chicago native has a diversity in musical influences that mixes uniquely, from Mannie Fresh-style percussion, neo-soul tendencies clanging against deep, dense, and dark Miami style bass and synths. The music is undeniably great, but I think it’s his treatment of his music that’s special and slept-on.

His attitude for producers has long been: making music is not hard. This can only be said by someone who has put in enough hours to confidently claim to make a beat in a half hour. Most of the work he produces is for Divine Council, which he’s impressively honed in on each of their strengths and furthered the sound of the collective as a whole. Songs like ‘D.A.N’ can only feel complete if it has $ilkmoney verses, same with the newly released ‘Tool 2’ by Cyrax. On both these tracks specifically, each clap and hi hat and synth are tailor made for the artist. He’s an actual producer, not just a beatmaker.

His remixes and his own tracks are his best work. Much of the old work from 2014-15 on his Youtube channel are incredible because they’re less songs where’s he trying to rap or sing the best song he can, they’re as if they’re sketches of how a cadence or scheme can work on his beats, showing a high intelligence level for his own work that’s unparalleled. You can get lost in the beat’s beauty, so he’s guiding you along, providing working examples of what can or should be done. Remixes of Bankroll Fresh’s ‘Rack Stackin‘ or Dem Franchize Boyz ‘White Tee’ or Khia’s ‘My Neck, My Back‘ expand the original songs impressively, expanding your own perception of what the song or artist could be or could have done on the beat. He sees and understand’s everything.

In today’s landscape the producers are shining, and they have become the real stars of the music. Icytwat is one of the game’s best secret’s because he knows himself and his music beyond what most others can do. That’s a talent not to be shirked off. Rule number one: Know Yourself.


Credit: Marcus Scott Williams

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