TRUE Magazine Single Review – Eastside Boyz “Gettem”

“ATL born and raised, ATL born and raised/ so red and black run through my veins/”. A stadium anthem is probably the best way to describe Eastside Boyz new single “Gettem”. I can imagine  Atlanta Falcons, or Atlanta Hawks players sprinting out the corridors into a coliseum filled with rabid ATliens flaunting their hometown pride.

The track is a fresh take on a familiar sound for the Eastside Boyz, as they are-to a degree-ressurecting themselves. We became familiar with the Eastside Boyz tagging alone with Lil John- as they brought crunk music to the forefront in the late 90s and early 2000s. Lil John has since went solo dabbling in the growing  EDM scene. The crunk style of Lil John was able to blend nicely in the electronic dance realm as evident in the breakout single with DJ Snake “Turn Down For What”.

With “Gettem” the Eastside Boyz seem to have taken a page out of their running buddy’s playbook, by also infusing hyped-adrenaline- pumping lyrics on top of EDM’s rendering of trap beats. The Bone Crusher  feature adds to the excitement of the track, as evident from the opening line, as you hear him yelled his signature battle cry-“ATTENTION”!


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