Exposing fake asses (Literally): Dominican Mandrake Malocorita takes shots at ladies fakin’ the junk

The practice of bra stuffing has been common knowledge and is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to “enhancing” certain features of the female physique…but what about stuffing the back of the pants? Apparently this is a thing out here in the DR and Dembow artist Mandrake Malocorita is calling it out. ┬áThe track is called ” La Chatica” (a term in Dominican Spanish referring to women who posses a less rounded backside) and the song is all about discovering this deception and the inevitable ridicule that follows. Typical Dembow fare in that it doesn’t attempt to get too deep or philosophical, this track is rather an oddity, given the strange nature of the topic and it’s unusual delivery, it might be worth a listen. Not gonna win any awards for it’s socially conscious message though, this is about as shallow as they come!

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