Has Iverson Learned His Lesson?

During this years BIG3 basketball league, Allen Iverson skipped a game in Philadelphia, giving Ice Cube no advance notice. He tweeted an apology the following day and later faced the consequence of being suspended. He was not allowed to attend the event in Kentucky on Wednesday, August 3rd.  This punishment however doesn’t make the most sense since the problem was him not showing up in the first place. Either way, it showed that the star was not going to get away with his behavior. It seems that Iverson is not caring much about the BIG3 games these days. Ice Cube explained, on USA Today, his reason for why he suspended Iverson. It was pointed towards the fact that being a no show hurts BIG3 and its legitimacy. Ice Cube pretty much brought Iverson out of retirement for the BIG3.  Iverson’s presence alone brings people to the games. His basketball legacy is what BIG3 markets off of. If Iverson does not show and starts to not care even more in the future, then BIG3 will start going down a spiral. Hopefully Iverson lives up to his tweeted apology and can“make up for this” by not missing anymore games.

ABOUT BIG3: BIG3 (www.BIG3.com) is where basketball superstars play. The premier half-court, 3-on-3 basketball league, BIG3 features many of the greatest, most popular and skilled NBA players of all time, including Allen Iverson, Gary Payton, Kenyon Martin, Charles Oakley and more. Founded by producer, actor and music legend Ice Cube and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz, the BIG3 combines highly competitive, physical, fast basketball and incredible fan experiences. Comprising of eight teams of five, the league tipped off its 10-week season at Barclays Center on June 25 with games airing on Fox Sports in primetime on Monday nights. Tickets are available at BIG3.com.

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