I GOT NEXT Exclusive: Red Prodigy @richiebranson – One Up (Clean)

Sometimes the best way to get the job done is to do it yourself. Those words inspired music producer Richie Branson (born Marcus Brown) to come into his own as one of the hottest up and coming artists out of the Lone Star State.
Richie is an extremely versatile artist/producer who has already made some noise in the music industry. In 2009 he formed a music production company with his cousin, music producer Jeremy “J.Forbes” Brown. Within months, Red Prodigy’s signature sound was already being co-signed by top executives in the music industry. Def Jam’s President, L.A. Reid, personally offered a record deal to one of Red Prodigy’s artists, Demarcus “Bone” Hamilton, after hearing two of Bone’s songs, both of which were produced by Richie and J. Forbes. Red Prodigy produced Bone’s smash debut single “Homegurl” which stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 Hip-Hop/R&B charts for 19 weeks and reached a radio audience of over 9 million people. Eventually, Red Prodigy would go on to do production work with industry artists from around the nation including Chalie Boy, Slim Thug, The Dream, Bun B, and Rick Ross.

In Richie’s hometown, he would become well known as one of the best producers in town. The San Antonio Express-News did a feature article about his endeavors as a producer and he was nominated for the “best producer” award in the 2010 San Antonio Music Awards. Despite living in Texas, where the local music is known for its heavy bass and slow tempo influenced by the late DJ Screw, Richie has always had a passion for making fast upbeat crossover music that appeals to a global audience. He had a large catalog fast up-tempo beats, but could not find many artists who wanted to do those types of records. Richie would eventually take matters into his own hands and himself become the crossover hip-hop artist he was looking for. Artists around Texas began to take notice of Richie’s skill as an artist and began requesting feature appearences from him on their projects.

By going against the grain, Richie Branson marches to the beat of a different drum than most artists. Because of his ability to produce, mix, write, and perform his own music, he is completely self sufficient as an artist. He is able to adapt and create in any type of style, whether it appeals to the signature hip hop sound of his fellow Texas natives or whether it carries a more worldwide appeal. The highly animated swagger and catchy word play he delivers on every song put him at the forefront of a movement that will have people around the world moving to the beat.




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