I Got Next: Harlem’s own, The Block Brothas


TRUE: You guys come from Harlem NYC, how did you hook up and become a group? What made you want to go the group route instead of doing solo careers?

BB: Yea, we are from Harlem. Since junior high school we have been spittin together. It’s funny, back then we had two different rap groups we were each apart of, but eventually we joined together and made our own. Since then, we’ve stuck together and made music off of the chemistry. There’s not too many duos out there currently that I can vouch for and say are Fire. We’re good as solo artists, but we’re great as a duo. The music we come up with together shocks me sometimes.

TRUE: When in the studio, do you have a friendly competition going on? Do you have a set way of recording that works for you?

BB: When we’re in the studio, we have the perfect combination going on which is Patron & Simply’s Lemonade (laughs) This is a must for every session. When it’s time to get to business, we pretty much feed off of one another depending on what type of record it is. As far as making it competition, we don’t really take it to that level. We more so strengthen one another so that we can become that elite rap duo.

TRUE: How did you come up with the title for your upcoming project “I Got the Juice 3” what is the concept behind the name?

BB: We previously put out I Got The Juice 1 and 2 before we dropped our last mixtape “Invitation to H Town” We thought it was time to close the chapter of “I Got The Juice” but with a bang, I’m talkin a bang! The music we’re putting together now is what the game needs.

TRUE: Do you guys ever disagree on things in the studio? Who usually wins and what do you disagree on the most?

BB: When trying to come up with that banger or that record that we want to catch people’s ears, we sometimes disagree on what type of record it should be or the direction the track should flow. It’s all because we are very passionate about this music and its been that way since we decided that this is what we really wanted to do. We figured this out at the ages of 14 and 15 yrs old. Just because we are brothers doesn’t mean we always see eye to eye, but at the end of the day we chalk it up and make it happen.

TRUE: What do you enjoy more, being the the studio making the music and sharing creative ideas, or being on stage performing?

BB: (laughs) tricky question. I’m going to start by saying that we love both, but it’s that feeling on stage when actually interacting with the people that come out and pay attention to you when your performing that we enjoy the most. It shows that the work in the studio is paying off.

TRUE: How do you chose the beats that you use? Is it a collective opinion?

BB: Coming up with the beats and production is the fun part man (laughs) We deal with a few different producers so, depending on how we are feeling that day and what we want to talk about, we get that patron and simply’s then we go in. We get to pacing around the crib, putting words and thoughts together and the next thing you know, that juice is made! I Got the Juice 3 Patron and Simply’s edition coming soon!

TRUE: Who would you say are the most influential rappers that you grew up listening to?

BB: Growin up, we listened to a lot of artists. Its varies with the moment. The most influential if we had to sum it up would be artists like Hov, Jadakiss, Jeezy, Joe Budden and Harlem’s own Dipset. They showed us that people from our environment can make music and go coastal with it.  Salute to them!

TRUE: What is one lesson that you have learned about the game from being around each other so much?

BB: Staying true to yourself is one thing that we’ve learned from the game. We are two different type of people, but we have the same common goal. Us staying true to who we are and not trying to be like anybody else is what makes The Block Brothas so unique.

TRUE: If you could be signed to any independant label right now (MMG, YMCMB, GOOD Music, TDE, etc…), who would it be and why?

BB: Tough question. I mean we have aspirations of being apart of a team that recognizes our music and wants to help us build and exceed this fire.  So what ever label that sounds like they can do that, then lets get it.

TRUE: Are you always in the studio together when making a track, or do you sometimes just lay your vocals and wait for your partner to lay his?

BB: The majority of the time we’re in the studio together. If one of us gets that urge to get in the lab and make that juice, then that one gets to the lab and starts whipping up that juice and the other follows and we make it happen. We’re the same, but we’re different. We’re not connected by the brain, if that makes any sense (laughs)

TRUE: Who would you give credit to for being behind your careers from day one?

BB: Our uncle Joe. He’s our biggest supporter. He started us off with this music thing, and he’s also been apart of our lives beyond that. A lot of times in our rhymes you might hear his name. Thats the homie

TRUE: What would you say is the biggest accomplishment for your group so far?

BB: The biggest accomplishments to date for the Block Brothas would have to be a toss up between, opening up for Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and Wale at the 2010 homecoming at Delaware State University (which is the school we both graduated from) The other would be performing down at Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Florida at one of the B.E.T. Black college tour stops. That was a huge crowd for us. Over 8000 ppl! So shoutout to Delaware State and Bethune Cookman for the opportunity and the support. Go download that TURN UP that’s that new juice! @blockbrothas type shit!

TRUE: GIve us the new meaning behind “Turn Up”

BB: The Block Brotha’s definition of “Turn Up” is to take it up another notch. Your swag, your grind, your money, your smarts, everything you desire to have. Take it up another level.

TRUE: What do you think separates you from other groups that are out there?

BB: The thing that separates us from other groups is that for one, we are blood brothers so it’s family over everything. Most importantly it’s that we love this craft of ours that we call music and we are extremely versatile with it. It’s very rare that you hear us on the same type of beat. We don’t have the same type of flow and we don’t sound like one another, or anyone for that matter. In a nut shell, when it comes to the Block Brothas, you will get the best of two different individuals from the same world.

TRUE: What projects do you have coming up for 2013 besides “I Got the Juice 3”?

BB: I Got the Juice 3 is what we are focused on right now. Just promoting the records off of the cd and grabbing the peoples attention. They need to know about The Block Brothas. I got the juice 3. That Patron and Simply’s edition Hosted by DJ Starscream is coming soon. Meanwhile, enjoy that juice we just mixed, it’s called Turn up!

Shout out to True Magazine for the love and support!


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