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Truth, one of hip hop cultures key components and what allows this art to shine a light on an otherwise overlooked culture. A culture that turns its struggles into triumph but so many times the struggle gets embellished and the truth becomes compromised. Enter Mikey Mogul, the truest, an artist with diversity all his own and a non-compromising self awareness that is second to none… Coming out of the eastside of the San Fernando Valley, Panorama City, CA. Michael Goode aka Mikey Mogul grew up in a reality that was bitter sweet to say the least. “I had it all in my family, “he states, “From the legit to the crooked, from the church going to the banged out and that’s the reality that has always surrounded me.” Mikey Mogul started hustling at an early age but his focus on sports was what kept him grounded, once high school ended and that outlet was no longer available his focus switched to the streets. “My focus was all wrong for a while but when I got back into doing this music, things became a lot clearer,” Mike says. In the beginning of his music career Mikey Mogul was one of the founding members of the multi-talented group The Street Chiefs. They released an independent album which did well and received recognition locally and with in the industry, while performing at different venues including the then very popular television show FarmClub.com. When the group ended up not working out he turned his focus to his own career. “I knew I brought quality to the game and had to keep my focus,” stated Mikey Mogul. Mikey Mogul went on to release his own solo album In Position for Victory. He marketed and distributed the album independently which landed him a distribution deal with 101 Distribution. He has also released two mixtapes; West Coast Movement Vol1 and Destroy and Rebuild Vol2 along with being featured on a slew of different mixtapes such as Boss of All Bosses Vol1 hosted by DJ Artillery of the Cali Untouchables and The Goldrush Mixtape hosted by DJ Lagger and produced by Voski. “I grind because that’s what the streets respect, what the game needs and it’s all I know,” states Mikey Mogul. That grind earned him features in True Magazine and two issues of Rime Magazine, two well known urban publications, as well as acclaims from well known artist such as Kanye West, Common, LT Hutton and Mac 10. He has also opened shows for the likes of Mr. Cheeks and the Lost Boys, Naughty by Nature, Devin tha Dude and DJ Quick. “What I do is reality rap,” says Mikey Mogul, “I come true with no gimmicks and tell about mine and my peoples reality.” He showcases this on tracks such as Sick and Tired, Gangsta Mack Hustla, as well as My Reasons and Get It How You Live which he has shot 2 separate independent music videos for. “I do me because I know my value and the value of my hustle!” Mikey Mogul exclaims, and with one of the best business minds out of any up and coming artist he’s setting his self up for greatness. Marketing his self-independent and earning the respect of the major labels is his next step. Doing everything independent but with the quality of the major labels showcases his business sense. As a company they have invested in their own professional studio, equipment, and various marketing tools. As he continues the growth of his business he intends to continue to earn his respect with his continued hard work and give back to hip hop as well as make a difference in the streets. Mikey Mogul shows that west coast artists are about more than just gang banging. With the diversity of his flow, perseverance and continued focus on putting out his truth he’s what hip hop’s been waiting for…

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Mikey Mogul Is All About The Profit

Mikey Mogul is bringing some welcomed positive energy to the game with the release of his new single “Profit.” He electrifies the track bringing raw and jaw dropping yet insightful lyrics while staying true to the streets. “The song Profit is basically highlighting what we all hustle for, Profit.” says Mike, “No matter if you in the streets, or on your 9 to 5 your focus is on that money to be made.” With a infectious beat that the DJ’s love and a chorus that has the clubs chanting it seems Mikey Mogul is on the rise.

Profit by Mikey Mogul can be downloaded off of Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and many other music download sites. You can also download the mixtape, Mikey Mogul – The Making of A Mogul hosted by DJ Nik Bean the West Coast Mixtape King on Livemixtapes.com

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Website- www.MikeyMogul.com

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