I GOT NEXT: Mr. Deuce Goes BEAST MODE with TRUE Magazine

We missed you since your last hit single with Pyrexx. What have you been up to?

I took a brief break from the limelight and used it as an opportunity to evaluate myself as an artist and determine which direction I wanted to take my music. Presently, I am working on a mixtape with all original tracks and featuring artists that I feel are a major part of the current underground music movement. This project includes tracks produced by FM Producer, Dice Play, and The Ghost and is expected to be completed this year.

What impact has the southern movement of music in Texas had on your approach to your career?

When I see a lot of the local artists from Texas at the peak of their careers without being signed to a major label, it motivates me as an independent artist. We have had some great artists come from Texas.

What gives you that edge to stand out and be different?

Every artist is an individual and no two people are the same. My experiences and background shape the music that I create. I consider myself more of a lyricist. I create music because of my love for music, not for money or fame. I believe people can relate to my songs. My style and delivery of my lyrics are what makes me different. I have a distinctive sound; my voice makes me stand out. Being a versatile artist allows my music to fall into a range of genres. Instead of focusing on rhyming, I let my words flow to the beat of the music and create punch lines.

What do you feel happened to the Swisha House movement, and what effect do they have on you without the industry looking towards Texas for new artists?

I don’t feel like anything “happened” to the Swisha House Movement. Swisha House is and will always be one of the top record labels from Texas. I do feel like some of the artists developed more of a business mindset and formed their own labels independent of Swisha House. I believe the industry is looking towards Texas for new artists. Major recording artists in the music industry have embraced Texas’ style, including mentioning our artists in their songs, using Texas’ beats and sounds on their tracks, and reiterating lines from popular underground Texas songs in their music. Texas is definitely on the music industry’s mind.
Your music is definitely southern bound, and you have worked with some good peeps on your singles. When will we hear something different than southern artists on one of your songs such as a west coast, mid-west or east feature?

I have worked with producers such as Dice Play from Canada and The Ghost from New York. I am currently collaborating with artists from different geographical areas on my current project so please look forward to not only hearing southern artists on my upcoming release.
Tell us about the two singles we recently received from you; break down the concepts of making them?“

“Jody”…lol; let’s just say that everyone is familiar with the infamous scene in the movie Baby Boy with Jody and Yvette. After watching the movie, I came up with the concept for the song. I teamed up with Damon Dizzle a.k.a Mr. I Eat Pussy and F.M. Producer to bring the idea to life and to create a song that I knew women would like. What woman wouldn’t want to hear a song about having her goodies ate? So far, the song is getting the attention and feedback from the ladies that I anticipated.

“O.G.” is a smoker’s anthem with a catchy soulful hook paired with a familiar melody that captivates the attention of listeners. In my opinion, no project is complete until you have at least one song that you can smoke and ride to. I personally know that fire weed and good music go together.

Will these singles describe your direction with your next project?

Yes because these are three different types of singles which is a display of my versatility and people can expect a multifaceted project. There is no one direction because this will be an all-around project. My upcoming mixtape will have a broad range of songs for listeners to select from.
How have the ladies responded to your sex song, and is it the reaction you wanted?

The ladies love Jody. Their response has been positive and encouraging. Many of the dancers at the local gentlemen clubs have added the song to their routine’s playlist, and several night spots are playing the song from requests. The reaction is undeniably what I expected and wanted.


For the next 6 months what can we expect from Mr. DEUCE?

I’ll be in Beast Mode! My mixtape is set to debut within the next six months. You can expect to hear singles from my mixtape being promoted. You can also expect me to make myself more visible through public appearances, live performances, and brand imaging. I will be putting something new on my Youtube channel on a biweekly basis so stay tuned in.

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