I GOT NEXT Sits with Rocky

How did you get the name Rocky?

My friends gave me the nickname at a young age. It represents my personality. I am strong, I am a fighter, and I never give up.

At what age did you start to identify with rock, RnB and rap?

It sounds kind of crazy to say at 1 and 1/2 years old, but I have pictures of me dancing and listening to music at that age with the dates written. I initially was drawn to beginning 90s dance music, like La Bouche and Ace of Base, then started listening to rock, R&B, and rap in elementary school. I know it sounds too young, but music has been the core of my life since I was born.

I read somewhere that when you was younger you use to us the old MC Hammer dance moves to show off your skills, do you still have those moves?

Haha they’re probably a little rusty, but yes.

How do you feel those moments’ helps who you are today?

I am not sure what moments you are referring to, please clarify. If you are referring to having musical influences throughout my childhood, I would say I owe everything to that. I didn’t have a cookie-cutter life and music got me through everything. Because I used it as not just a form of entertainment, but a form a survival, it was with me 24/7 and it became who I am. Today, what comes out naturally and subconsciously is probably a combination of everything I’ve listened to. And I wouldn’t be able to write and sing with the emotion that I do if it wasn’t for all the things I’ve gone through and the connections I made with artists that felt so personal.

Let’s talk about the rock band In Code, what was it about that band that made you wanna do it and what was your role in the group?

Well I’ve always known I was meant to pursue music, but I loved school and was an excellent student so I went to college. By the time I was done, I realized I needed to get my foot in the door with music and didn’t really know where to start. I met with a music agent in Detroit without a demo or anything and he said I needed a demo, but asked me if I was interested in joining a band. Little did I know how significant of a role that would play in my life. I auditioned for the band as a female singer (there was also a male singer) and we performed covers at bars/venues. That experience taught me how to perform in front of an audience and made me realize it was my strength. It was my first big step in the right direction.

Do you feel as though the moments with In Code modeled who you are today?

I would say In Code assisted me in the right direction. I had all the talent and potential in the world, but I was lost. When you start off with no connections whatsoever, you have no idea what to do. I just wanted to do anything that could lead me somewhere. And the funny thing is, I never planned on using rock in my own music. It wasn’t until I was in the band that I realized singing rock music is my strongest genre vocally. It allowed me to use my power, when other genres demanded subtlety.

What can you say is your strength as a artist?

I can sing anything, write, dance and do every aspect that together creates a package that most people can’t offer. However, that itself is not my biggest strength. It is my desire to bare my soul and keep it real with my listeners. My lyrics and vocals are projected with strong emotion that you can feel. I am not someone that the industry created and molded with no true identity, I am just me and luckily, no one has tried to change that. My level of honesty in my character and music is rare and that’s got to be strength in a sea full of impostors.

In 2011 you took that leap and moved to Hollywood to forefill that dream of yours in music. How has the ride been and where do you see it going?

The ride has been amazing and it has definitely been the best decision of my life by far. I’ve had some setbacks, but they made me fight harder and realize how precious life and time is. I see myself as having the maximum success possible. There are no limits in my mind. I believe I have the potential to do anything anyone else has and possibly more. I don’t care what I do as long as I can share my love for music with the world. As cheesy as it sounds, I knew I was meant for this at age 2.

What has been the hardest thing you had to overcome with that move in taking your music career to that next level?

Well there are a lot of things, but probably leaving my mom. She’s basically my rock and the only person I can truly trust 100%. She’s by herself now and I feel a lot of guilt. But, I am going to work my a$$ off to get her here asap. Also, where I’m from, it’s absurd to even think you can pursue a dream like this. So almost everyone I know thinks I’m crazy, but I don’t care. The thought of failing hasn’t even really crossed my mind; that’s how confident I am that I was meant for this.

Tell me what will our readers and your fans get from your new EP “Untamed”?

Something different and bold, something for the heartbroken, not just the lovers, a combination of rock and r&b that isn’t really like anything else, and something that genuinely comes from the heart of the artist. I don’t show my emotions well in life, but in music, my heart is laid out on a platter for the world to see and I think people will feel connected to me. I want them to be!

Why the name Untamed?

I chose the name because I’ve held my emotions inside for most of life and this is me saying, this is who I am, this is my pain and my glory, take it or leave it. I have a very bubbly, positive attitude so on the surface, people have no idea how much pain I’ve been through. It’s all real, cuz I try to stay positive no matter what, but I want my fans to know it’s ok to be whoever you want to be and show whatever emotions you want. You can relate to me and forget what anyone else thinks about it. You can be angry, you can be in love, you can be a bad ass, you can be confident, you can be anything you want!

If I never heard your music but seen how you are and spoke to someone about you how would that describe your music to get me to take a listen?

Well I think just telling you the bold name of my single, “Fuck Your Love” might get your attention lol. I think if you saw me in person or spoke to someone about me, you would get the vibe that I’m fun, strong and confident, but a little odd and quirky. I am outspoken and I love a lot of things about myself that some people cover up with fakeness because they want to be accepted by society. I think what would get you to take a listen is how bold and real I am. Even if you didn’t like it, you would definitely see that my music and myself are pretty much the same thing. And you would at least know, I keep it real.

Music today has mixed and mingled with ever genre, what can you say is your main genre of music and what will your style and sound will bring to it? 

It’s really hard to say that my music is 1 genre, because it’s not. Rock, pop, and R&B seem to be equally distributed because I have so many influences from all genres. To be honest, my biggest challenge musically, was trying to stick 1 genre of music. Luckily, it’s becoming more acceptable in the industry so I hope to gain fans from all demographics.


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