I GOT NEXT: Who is Mulan V

Artist: Mulan V

Mulan V, a woman determined to put her stamp on the music industry and be remembered as one of the greats in Hip-Hop, is hailed as the next female artist to breakthrough. Her talent on the mic and extraordinaire persona overshadows the often used cliché of female emcees, who only shine with physical attributes instead of real and raw talent. Proofing that Mulan V is in a league of her own, the emcee’s debut single “Bussin $100 Bills” is a prime example of what this emerging and salient artist is capable of delivering. Her freshman song is a must heard for every Hip-Hop fan wanting lyrical skills over top notch production.

Before we talk about your music, let us know which city you rep and how the Hip-Hop scene is there?

I’m from Los Angeles, California. The hip-hop scene here is lit! So many new artists coming in expressing themselves and going hard for the city, I love it.

What was the moment that you knew music was your dream?

There was never really a specific moment for me. I’ve known all my life I wanted to be a musician, it’s in my blood. My father is record producer and recording engineer so I was raised around a lot of musicians and exposed to music production and recording studios with him.

How did the environment you grew up in influence your music?

It influenced my music by giving me a perspective of how the world is seen on my end. Being from Los Angeles really shaped my sound and my style of rap. Witnessing certain things in the neighborhoods, riding around the city and being around friends – you tend to see a lot. So it definitely plays a role in what I write musically.

Where do you get your influences from when crafting music in general?

I was influenced by many female rappers like Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, Nicki Minaj and more. And, a lot of Westcoast artists like Snoop Dogg, N.W.A., Tupac… the list goes on.

So Mulan V is your rap moniker, how did you come up with that name?

It was a nickname from years ago so I stuck with it. The name was so confident and had something special about it, like my music.

For those who are not familiar with you yet, how would you describe your sound?

Definitely bossy, real edgy. My sound resonates as a woman who believes in herself and isn’t afraid to show it and get money.

Your single “Bussin $100 Bills” is making a lot of noise in the rap game at the moment. How did you come up with the concept?

When I first heard the beat for the song, it was so cocky and magnetic. It was a vibe. I wanted to do it justice. It felt like a dance record to me, and what place do woman love to dance and get money at the same time? Nightclubs, Strip Clubs, etc… so the lyrics played off that.

What else are you currently working on music-wise?

I’m working on a new project currently, and recording some new songs we plan to release for my supporters who will know more very soon!

What would you say sets you apart from other up-n-coming rappers or groups in the game at the moment?

My sound and my style is different, you know me when you see me, and you know me when you hear me. I can be identified as my own person. Not everyone can do that.

What is your label situation looking like?

I’m signed to Freestyle Records Inc. We have a lot of great things coming that we’ve been planning so stay tuned for that!

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

A bigger, more successful version of myself. All the hard work I’m putting in now, I plan to benefit from in my future.

Anything else you would like to talk about?

Lookout for more updates and surprises I have coming, I can’t wait to share it with everybody!

In the end, let the readers know where they can find you online.

You can find me on Instagram @mulanvofficial and www.mulanvofficial.com.


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