Is Lil Uzi Vert Dropping An Album Tomorrow Night?

2018 has been an odd year for Lil Uzi and his fans. Since April, he allegedly left his login info to his Instagram in a public restroom, causing fans to take over his Instagram and post whatever they want, all seemingly not Uzi himself. On top of this, at a recent show, he told all of his fans that they will be going to hell for listening to his music.

Despite this weird treatment, Uzi’s fans are proving to be some of the most dedicated in hip hop. A new theory has been floating around about a possible Uzi album coming tomorrow night, and it does not sound as crazy as it seems.

Uzi’s Instagram bio was recently changed to “Eternal Atake”, and a moon emoji with the left half of the moon shaded out. Fans took attention to the fact that the moon emoji he used is the exact same as the quarter moon phase that ends tomorrow night, July 19th.

Uzi also took to Twitter and explained the meaning of “Eternal Atake”, saying “Eternal means forever. Atake means 2 overtake”. Uzi also used the words “Eternal” and “Atake” in two separate posts to his Instagram story.

If the previous reasons weren’t enough reason to believe the fan theory, Uzi supposedly held a listening party for friends and family this past Sunday night.

While some of this may be a reach, and some of it seems real enough to believe, only time will really tell if Eternal Atake is a real thing.

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