Is Rising Rapper Etoc From Outer Space? New Song “Martian” Released

Up-n-coming urban artist Etoc has been spotted in Orlando, Florida lately but is this extraordinaire and unique rapper from outer space?

The 23 year old wordsmith tells you his story on the awaited new song “Martian” released via Music Of Etoc, which is now available for your listening pleasure on Soundcloud. Being a master of rhyme, Etoc once again shows and proofs his immense talent on the microphone. This young gunner is cut from a different cloth and you will hear that when listening to his unique sound and style.

LISTEN: “Martian” by Etoc

When talking about the concept of the song, Etoc explains: “After hearing the beat I wanted to put a unique concept to the track. It portrays how having these regrets can make you feel alienated. I also wanted to demonstrate my versatility as an artist.”

Influenced by the likes of Eminem, J. Cole and Nas, you see that lyricism is key in Etoc’s approach. He conveys his ideas fluidly and intriguingly. “Martian” is incredibly astute in this regard. Experimental and in depth is what best describes his music and authenticity is the key to Etoc’s success. Instead of boring bubble gum rap, you hear a true emcee speaking his mind.

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