I GOT NEXT: Isaac Castor new single “Da Bounce” (Review)

Isaac Castor is a young MC from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and he’s back with a new 4 minute track called “Da Bounce”. Having worked in the past with Statik Selektah, Jon Connor, and Big Pooh, Castor shows that experience on this track. Fitting the pockets of the beat well, and delivering a seasoned flow, Castor raps like a veteran, even at the age of 22.

The video (which has great production value), was shot in Venice, CA and features a 8-year old mini-me of Castor along with his beaver posse. Paired with some raw lyrics and bouncy, concert-friendly production, Castor gives all the doubters out there the one-finger-salute! Speaking on bossing up and proving haters wrong, Castor gets into the ring to fight for his career and deliver the message to never stop believing in yourself. Lyrically, the song was inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s unwavering bravery to tackle topics such as the fear of losing creativity. Also dedicating a verse to rappers who glorify drug abuse, Castor takes a stand against recreational pill use (even smashing a Xanax cake) and makes a big statement about today’s rap game. This is fresh off his new album “Old Soul” which includes production from Nate Fox, Hir-O, Beware, and PEEKABOO as well as collaborations with Blu and L Gulley. Castor delivers a solid track with Da Bounce and it’s definitely worth a listen and watch.

About the artist

Isaac’s a 22 year old rapper from Ann Arbor, MI. He first started making a name for himself at the age of 15 under the moniker Gameboi. In that span of time, he’s been featured on major media outlets such as XXL Magazine and NPR, opened up for the late great Mac Miller, and he has collaborated with artists such as Boldy James, Statik Selektah, Jon Connor, Antwaun Stanley (lead vocalist on many of Vulfpeck’s hits) and Rapper Big Pooh. His recently released album, “Old Soul”, includes production from Nate Fox, Ilajide, Beware, Hir-O, and PEEKABOO as well as collaborations with Blu and L Gulley.


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