Jay-Z Considering Buying Harvey Weinstein’s Shares of Company

As TMZ reported early yesterday, Jay-Z has shown interest in buying Harvey Weinstein’s shares in The Weinstein Company. Weinstein had a 23% stake in the company.


This is on the heels of rampant reports of sexual abuse by Harvey Weinstein over his 40-something year career, which led to Weinstein’s firing late last week. These details were reported in The New York Times at the top of the month.


Jay-Z signed a deal with The Weinstein Company in September 2016 and recently produced the six-part documentary Time: The Kalief Browder Story, and has several other projects set to be in the works with the company. Jay-Z has stated he’d like to keep a positive relationship with the company.


Funny enough, this move from Jay seems like a way of getting Weinstein back for misquoting him in a statement about the abuses.

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