Jay Z was Big Pimpin’ in a Los Angeles Courtroom Today

Jay Z and Timbaland appeared in court again this morning for using a sample in the 1999 hit “Big Pimpin’.” Jay Z’s attorneys say that he legally acquired the rights to the song. The copyright trial got underway yesterday morning in LA. Jay Z was scheduled to testify today. Jay Z is being sued by the nephew of Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdi. The song was originally a hit in 1957 called “Khosara Khosara .” It was ruled yesterday that the lyrics of the song, which could bias some jurors opinions, are not to be discussed during the trial. According to Rueters, Jay Z’s lawyers claim Jay Z and Timbaland did not ask permission to use the sample because they figured the composer would say no due to the lyrics, plus they thought it was royalty-free. They later went back after realizing EMI Music Arabia owned the song and bought the license from EMI Music Arabia for $100,000. The composer’s family feel that this is unfair as they never agreed to or received anything from this transaction.

Photo found on nydailynews.com

By: Stephanie Hodgson

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