Just Blaze Says Jay Z’s Work Ethic Is “Laid-Back,” Eminem’s Is Scientific

#News – Just Blaze finds himself comparing Jay Z and Eminem when asked who the most talented artist he’s worked with is.

As a producer who has gone on to showcase his skills as a beatsmith for well over a decade, New Jersey-born artist Just Blaze has had the opportunity to work alongside some of Hip Hop’s most respected names including Jay Z and Detroit lyricist Eminem.

Interestingly enough, the producer found himself comparing the two emcees, specifically their work ethic in the studio, during an interview with Vlad TV. Just Blaze was asked if Jay Z is the most talented artist he’s worked with and in his attempt to answer that specific question, he began to compare both Jay Z and an artist he feels is equally as talented, Eminem.

“I don’t know if I would say that Jay’s the most talented,” said the producer. “He’s obviously one of the—he may be the most talented. If it’s not Jay—See, it’s different. I have great experience working with Jay, great experience working with Eminem. But they’re two totally different approaches. Jay’s approach to work is very much like Jay’s personality. He’s very laid-back. Kinda just lets me do me. And doesn’t really get in the middle too much…Whereas Eminem is very much hands on with the process. So they’re both very creative and super-talented, but just in very different ways.”

Just Blaze continued his comparison of the rap Titans while speaking on Eminem’s scientific approach to his music and the rapper’s ability to alter the most minuscule of sounds thanks to a keen ear.

“Em is there when you’re making the beat sometimes,” he revealed. “He’s there when you’re mixing. He’s there mixing and tweaking his own vocals. He hears, he has like dog hearing. So, he’ll be like ‘Turn this up a half a dB. Turn the bass up like a quarter dB at this frequency.’ He’s very much of a scientist with it. Where Jay is more so like ‘That sounds good. Cool, I’m out.’”

Just Blaze has worked extensively with both Jay Z and Eminem. Most notably, he produced several tracks on Eminem’s 2010 album Recovery and played a hand in the creation of Jay Z’s “Song Cry” and the rapper’s lively, Kingdom Come single “Show Me What You Got.”

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