Kanye´s Career Suicide

We all know Ye loves his controversy. Saying oddball stuff to shock and anger people on purpose. He is the perfect drama queen combined with a shameless attention whore. He has made herioc moves with this strategy, like going on live TV to slam George W.,  and has done outrageous but still appreciated ones, with his ODB style grammy interruption on Taylor Swift. So much more on the list but these are the best examples of the eccentric, off the wall Kanye we all have to accept. You could say that there is nothing he could say that would shock us at this point. Until now of course. With his recent political diatribes showing his support for President elect Donald Trump in San Jose for his Life of Pablo tour, Kanye seems to have done the impossible, which is to shock people (once again) with his words and behaviour. This has caused an outcry in the Hiphop community and people are left scratching their heads at his contradictory statements. How can a man who made pro-civil rights and anti-slavery music, such as Jesus Walks¨ and ¨Blood Diamonds¨, even have this point of view? He was once known as a man of protest and presented himself as a champion for equality and understanding before he mutated into this bizzare male diva that pops up to plague your newsfeed with this type of nonsense. Maybe we could forgive him for the bankrupcy stunt, perhaps we can excuse his remarks about Tupac Shakur being ¨overrated¨, but this?? Seems doubtful. If he is looking for a way to retire with no chance of anyone aguing about it, he may on the right track! It looks as though this may the one that can´t be forgiven. However with things the way they are in regards to the impossible happening (eg. election of Donald Trump) who really knows? It´s not looking good though…

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