Lil’ Boosie’s Rap Lyrics Can Be Used in Murder Trial

#FreeBoosie – Six days before Lil’ Boosie goes to trial for first-degree muder, a Louisana judge ruled on Tuesday (April 24) that a select few of the rapper’s lyrics can be used against him.

Boosie, born Torrence Hatch, is accused of hiring Michael Louding, aka Marlo Mike, to kill Terry Boyd in 2009. Though he initially denied having any connection to Lil’ Boosie, Louding later admitted his involvement in Boyd’s murder to Baton Rouge authorities.

During the pre-trial hearing, detective Alvin Howard testified to confirm Louding’s confession. According to NBC 33 TV , Louding, who is accused of six different murders in Baton Rouge, told detectives that Lil Boosie paid him $2,800 to commit the murder. But the facts of the crime were not the central focus of the hearing. Boosie’s lyrics were.

His song, “187,” in particular, is under a lot of scrutiny. Lil’ Boosie recorded the controversial track with BG, another Louisiana rapper who has had his fair share of legal trouble. “Any n___a who ever tried to play me, they dead now,” Boosie raps in his first verse. The prosecution specifically noted the use of “187,” “murk,” and “cake” as slang terms commonly used to describe murder and money.

Although the song can not be played in its entirety, nor can any verse be read line by line, Judge Mike Erwin ruled that those three specific words can be used as evidence against Boosie.

Lil’ Boosie is currently incarcerated in Angola, the largest correctional facility in the country. A vast majority of the inmates are serving life sentences. His lawyers are actively working to have their client transferred to East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

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