Meek Mill vs. The Entire Rap Game

There’s an emerging trend in Hiphop music that’s been growing since early this year. It’s not a new dance or production style. Nor is it a new vocal effect to disguise the lack of harmony in a rappers voice. It’s not skinnier jeans either (you have to start painting them on for that). It’s…(drumroll please)… Dissing Meek Mill! Since Drake and his ghostwriters beefed him into near obscurity it looks like everybody wants a piece of the Philly born rapper. With 50 Cent, The Game, Beanie Sigel and the rest going after the kid soon there might not be much left to diss! Old rappers using him as a way to revive their careers and new rappers using him to launch theirs (perhaps by kissing up to Drizzy?), Meek is by far the biggest scapegoat Hiphop has seen yet. Regardless of the quality of the work, you can’t ignore the volume and the press it’s getting. On the real though, is it worth the attention? Does Meek really do enough or make enough noise to warrant this kind of treatment? In comparison to the famous Hiphop beefs of the past (Dre vs. Eazy E, 2pac vs. Biggie and the rest of NY, Ice Cube vs. Cypress Hill, and even Nas vs. Jay-Z) this one isn’t really ranking. Seriously some of these diss tracks are so mild and lacking in interesting points it’s hard to believe anyone cares. Perhaps it’s just the rush we get out of watching famous people in conflict with one another. The beefing in this music and how it is sensationalized has been often compared to the WWE, in that it is contrived and insincere, for entertainment purposes. I wouldn’t go so far to say that Drake and Mill are slapping hands backstage when the curtain goes down, but a little bit of historical study may illustrate the contrast from the previous era’s, with regards to passion and purpose for a rivalry. As far as beefing with Mill goes it looks like all that’s left is the tripe! There’s gotta be bigger fish to fry out there, or in this case, higher “steaks” for the grill…



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