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Overwhelming success seems to be the theme for Mikey Smit ever since the release of “You Don’t Know Me”. The EP had the streets going crazy, which is something that Smit is so grateful for. Whether it’s being offered to do a slew of shows or having fans rave about the music, Mikey Smit has been steadily working in and out of the studio. Though the outreach has been wildly consistent, the rapper is committed to waiting for the right opportunity.
Fans of Mikey Smit will be thrilled to learn that the rapper has a follow-up to “You Don’t Know Me” on the way. Smit has yet to release the title of upcoming project, but promises that it will be an instant crowd pleaser much like its predecessor. “I have so many future projects that I continuously work on,” said Mikey Smit. “I’m still working on videos for ‘You Don’t Know Me’. It’s always me just in and out of the studio.” In addition, Smit still continues to assist fellow artists with his audio engineering, producing, and songwriting skills.
What is so amazing about Mikey Smit is how he puts his heart and soul into everything he does. His talent has caught the attention of so many in the industry to the point where video directors are asking to work with him. “This EP, for me, is a rebirth because I haven’t seen a reaction like this in a while. When I put it out, I wasn’t expecting a reaction like I have seen. People are always telling me, ‘wow, you are really talented and these fans need to see you’. So, I just keep working,” said the rapper. One of his favorite aspects of his career is witnessing the positive reactions firsthand. Whether it’s through word of mouth or seeing a fan rocking out on Snapchat to their favorite song of his, Smit values the support wholeheartedly. In his own words, “it’s a very humbling experience”.
“As an artist, you go into music and say what you feel. It’s all in your artistry- it’s who you are as a person,” said Smit. “I truly wasn’t expecting those kind of numbers. The EP has some of my highest viewed videos to date.”
So, what can fans expect from the follow-up project? Smit tells us exclusively that people can look forward to that same energy with a sprinkle of a different flair. “I grow every time I put out a project, so I’m adding that growth to the next project. I want to level up each time,” said the rapper. Smit has carefully selected each song for his next project, as it truly is a piece of art. Music, for Smit, is a lifelong journey, and he plans to tell the story of this through his next project. “There’s not a day that goes by when I’m not working. I love having that creative control. As an artist, you have your ideas in your head. I love collaborating because you’ve got two minds that are meshing with each other. When both artists bring both of their worlds together… that’s the best,” said the rapper. Fans, take it from us… you won’t want to miss this!

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