Money B of Digital Underground sits down with True Magazine to talk about Netflix’s HipHop Evolution

Recently, we had the pleasure to chop it up with Money B to discuss some topics of past, present, and future.

Netflix dropped the second season of their documentary series titled ‘Hip Hop Evolution’ in October, and you can’t have a HipHopDoc without an entire episode strictly on the Bay Area. Money B, a vital member of the trendsetting, game-changing, Bay reppin’ group Digital Underground, was featured in the episode, “Out The Trunk: The Bay”. He spoke on Too $hort’s influence to hiphop, how Digital Underground made being yourself cool, and the bond he and Tupac Shakur shared by way of The Black Panther Party.

Money B broke it down in detail, not only about the documentary, but about how he witnessed and was apart in one of music’s most prolific eras, as well as the newest offering from the Digital Underground family, Money B and Young Hump.

Young Hump, a direct descendent of Humpty Hump, is the newest member of the group and delivers a fresh, yet, familiar face for young viewers, as well as a sense of nostalgia for the older fans. The duo has put together a few club bangers already including ‘Come Here’ featuring Yay Area Legend, Too $hort, and ‘Slow Stroke It’. Watch the full interview for classic tales including Kriss Kross, Das EFX, and Tupac Shakur!

To Keep up with Money B and Young Hump follow them on Instagram and be sure to check out the videos for ‘Come Here’ Featuring Too $hort and ‘Slow Stroke It’ 

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‘Come Here’ Feat. Too $hort

‘Slow Stroke It’

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