Nipsey Hussle Signs With Maybach Music & Exclusively Announce With “True Magazine” His New Album Dropping This Year.



Nipsey Hussle Signs With Maybach Music Group

                        True Magazine Exclusive

Los Angeles, California Rapper “Nipsey Hussle” Has been on the grind latley. He recently announced a new partnership with DJ Skee on Sirius XM to officially unite the West coast. In a recently Re-Tweet By Nipsey Lead to Internet rumors and speculations that he may sign with Maybach Music.

So we decided to dig a little deeper. And We found Out he’s officially signed with Rick Ross’s “Maybach Music Group”according to Wikipedia.

Nipsey Hussle Released his first single of Nipsey Hussle & Blanco upcoming collaboration album titled “RAW” with all tracks produced by Cookin Soul. Nipsey Hussle also got the East coast blazing hot right now with his new single ‘What You Need” featuring Vado. Now back to his California Roots, Nipsey Hussle just dropped his new Video ‘I’m A Thug’ Featuring YG and Meek Mill’s which has the internet going crazy. We chopped it up with Nipsey to find out when the fans can expect an official album.

Futuristic Blogger: Tell Me about All Money In Records.

Nipsey Hussle:

All Money In Records is a company I’ve being building since 2008. It’s basically me and some people I grew up with. My business team and business partner. I was to sign Epic Records. I was sign through a Joint venture with Cinematic and Epic. The situation Over there, we recently negotiate our release from there. We step back to being independent. We was always a independent company, but I step back to being a artist on a independent label.

So what we be doing since I got off Epic Records in 2010, Is building a infrastructure, Rebuilding our network and Machine as a company. On every level, from the studio, the network, the lawyers, to the booking agency, the producers, The engineers. all around from the group up. Now we in a position where we have something concrete and solid that belong to us, that we can build off of. And a means to produce the content the people are so thirty for. It’s a good position to be in cause, we don’t have the pressure to try and sale or solicit a record to a label and get people excited at a label.

Everybody involve in this company truly know, the core of what Nipsey Hussle is, and the message that we bring to the game. The music we expect, we all on the same page, we all got a clear vision, we all 25-8. We all full time grinders before this music. That’s what the all money in, all money out is about. This will be the company I release my debut album through.

Futuristic Blogger:

Correct me if I’m wrong, But it seems like recently you had some struggles.
You tweeted I made this project in between tours, fighting a new case with my brother, leaving the label, moving from house to studio, business fallouts. Sounds like you been through a lot. Can You tell me some of the lessons you learned from those struggles so far.

Nipsey Hussle:

To keep it all the way honest, we not naive or blind to struggling. Once we on got in the music game, Its still a Struggle, it still a grind. A lot of times, coming in the game you kinda wet behind the ears. You feel once you get your foot in, it will be a roller coaster ride from that point out. But its still real life, and me coming from where I come from, you know me still be out here in L.A and being assessable, you know I deal with the politics of what success breeds. Even On my level, I’m not a platinum artist, I’m not a number 1 chart topping billboard artist. But I’ve had a level of success, and it creates a certain atmosphere for me and the people around me.

My brother catching a case, us having to change our business team, were are all by products of that success. and people feeling a certain sense of entitlement or a overall miscommunication or misunderstanding of what’s expected from a person like myself trying to build and come up in the game.
You know we been through before. So what I really learned, That it still exist in this music game and it’s no different then the real world. You don’t become a artist people looking out for, and your problems go away, and the real world start being relevant to your life. Nah That ain’t what happens.

You still deal with situations, The only difference is everybody knows you now and the light is cut on you.
So you have to access situations differently and you have to develop a new understanding of how to survive and maintain then the one you develop in the streets. Coming out of L.A and The streets, we basically have the instincts and found out how to maintain and maneuver out here. Going into the industry, it’s a entirely new instinct you have to develop. And I can say this year, out of necessity I had to develop that instinct. I’m not complaining about It’s just the reality of the situation. You Know

Futuristic Blogger: Can we expect a Nipsey Hussle album This year 2012?

Nipsey Hussle:

Yeah That’s the Motivation!! Trust and Believe I got a chip on my shoulders. Believe That!!! I got a lot to say. It was a lot of people really excited and really looking forward to my album coming out when I first came in into the game, when we made our initial splash.

They kinda got left hanging. But things happen for a reason, but I’m not one the deal with failure or deal with losses to well. I’m a sore loser and I don’t like to lose, so trust and believe we going to drop a project and it going to be everything people except and more. With out saying anything else about it, People can look out for it this year 2012. We’re going to be making more announcements real soon, But Most Definitely, they can expect an official album that goes to the shelves and retail in 2012.


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Nipsey Hussle Signs With Maybach Music & Exclusively Announce With "True Magazine" His New Album Dropping This Year., 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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