NY Rapper EZ Forest Talks Moving To L.A, Starting His Own Label, Future Projects, And More

EZ Forest, LA rapper/RnB artist, originally from Buffalo, New York, is turning up with his company Loyal Set Entertainment. At the age of 19, his video “Turn Up” is already receiving a lot of positive attention. Loyal Set Entertainment is presently working with other new music artists as well. Loyal Set Entertainment also recently provided actors for upcoming short film “Screened” from new production company Nightwalk Productions. You can check out EZ Forest, Loyal Set Entertainment, Curious G, Dahn Farro, YungxRio, AG Fernandez, Johnny Beatz, Goldee & Krazy Kodak, & More in “Rise of the Set”, this Friday, June 3rd at Los Globos, 3040 Sunset Blvd., LA., doors open at 8:30pm. See below for ticket information.

 Tell me about your childhood and how music influenced your adolescent and teenage years?

Being born and raised in Buffalo, NY until age 15, and then moving to LA my childhood was definitely crazy. I’ve been strongly infused by music since I was a kid, with it being the only consistent thing in my life. My older brothers mostly listened to 90’s rap, so I did the same. Soon after hearing 2pac, Nas, and many of the greats a passion and love for hip-hop developed, fast.

What artists would you say influenced you and your decision to be a rapper? What artists did you grow up listening to?

With rap being literally the first music I was introduced to it also wasn’t my last. Some of my biggest influences being: 2pac, Cat Stevens, LL Cool J, Bob Marley, Sublime, Yo Gotti, Neil Young, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Cypress Hill, and many more. When it came to me becoming a “rapper” there was never a decision like that, I just made music my entire life and my OG brother Sir-Noah-Lot was a local well-known rapper and put me on my first tracks. From that point I’d say I made that decision at age 11.

Your family moved from Buffalo, New York to LA when you were a teen. Did that move affect you in any way? Do you find musical influence more so in New York or L.A?

Of course, it inevitably affected me as a growing child, but in an amazing way. Coming to a completely new environment was life changing. Experiencing so much at a young age made me who I am today. I love my NY roots and living in LA equally and feel like they have both done their jobs influencing me musically.

Tell me about the two mixtapes you recording your first few years being in LA? What was that process like? How did you form connections in a new city?

“Cali Living” and “Rooted in 716” are two dope tapes. “Cali Living” being my first full tape ever I was amazed by the response. And that motivated me and led me to make “Rooted in 716” and so on. Forming connections have never been an issue for me as I’m always just super outgoing and friendly. And love people.

While your mom decided to move back to Buffalo, you stayed. Why is that? What encouraged you to stay?

I had really just felt a real connection to LA and I knew that I needed to stay to pursue my music career.

Do you plan on making LA your permanent place of residence?

To live and die in LA.

What prompted your decision to start your own label, Loyal Set Entertainment? What other artists are under this label?

After seeing first hand what major labels do with artists and limitations etc. I truly believe making your own empire from the ground up is maybe not the easiest but the most rewarding and profitable. Currently, Loyal Set has myself: EZ Forest, two artists that I’m about to expose soon. And a subsidiary label “Wide Mind Music” ran by my good friend and super dope artist, Curious G.


Tell me about your working relationship with J2 music?

A lot of awesome people work for J2 that I get along with and Johnathan McHugh is dope.

Rap music has many different styles and sounds. How would you define yours?

Fully across the map, I could never drop a pin on a specific sound. I just have too much fun with music in general.

What do you want listeners to gain from your music?

Everything, exactly what I got from all the amazing music that affected me so much throughout my life.

Where do you see yourself next year? Five years from now? Ten years from now?

In the next year to five years? I find myself 100% doing a 25 state tour with Loyal Set. Playing at some of the most historic memorable venues across America, and setting up our global tour! In a year, I’ll be signing multiple new artists and go from 4 studios in LA to 50 studios nationally. In five to ten years, I want to have multiple resource centers for the disadvantaged in Buffalo, NY, my home… hopefully nationally.


Your single “Turn Up” received a lot of positive recognition. Can you tell me about the overall concept of the song and your reason for writing it?

I had just recorded a full album in Quad Studios NYC and I thought I was sick of recording for at least a week but I heard the beat, wrote the entire song that night, and pushed myself to go to the studio one last time and drop a jewel.

What’s next?

A lot, “Rise Of the Set” EP is dropping on July 1st. directly after the next two videos I will drop. A lot of shows in LA and scheduling my tour back to buffalo called the “Take Me Home Tour” covering 25 states.

Is there anything else you would like to say/add?

I give God the glory every day I’m alive and for every opportunity I get, and am beyond thankful to be alive, healthy and happy.

How can fans get hold of you?

For any business inquiries you can contact LoyalSetEnt@Gmail.com

If you just wanna say what’s up DM me or message me on whatever! Turn up.


Link to tickets for Friday Night June 3rd.”Rise of the Set”

Interviewed by: Simone Grant

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