Pharrell X Chanel X Adidas Collaboration

Pharrell’s Adidas NMD are known to be a huge success. It was very popular among sneaker-heads and was for sure a must-cop from the beginning. With over a whopping 400,000 pairs sold in one day, it’s safe to say this pair made history.

Well if you are a fan of the Adidas NMD by Pharrell, then you’ll be happy to hear that there’s more in store and it’s definitely a MUST-COP.

There is a buzz spreading that there will be a Pharrell, Chanel and Adidas Collaboration. An Instagram user, @IceFuckingFire, known for leaking sneakers information, release dates, etc, posted a picture of the collaboration. Another social media user with the twitter handle @YeezyMafia tweeted photos as well of the Pharrell/Chanel/Adidas collaboration, but they were different pairs?

Instagram user @IceFuckingFire posted a picture of the kicks with different stitching. They were black with black and white stripped laces that had the Chanel logo stitched on the left sneaker and “Chanel” stitched on the right sneaker.


Twitter user @YeezyMafia posted a picture of black kicks as well with Pharrell’s name stitched in white on the left sneaker and “Chanel” stitched on the right.


Is it safe to say there are two different versions of the Pharrell/Chanel/Adidas collaboration? It seems to be the case. There is not a release date as of yet, but we can anticipate that it will be coming soon enough and we can surely expect it’s going to be the talk of the sneaker industry for quite some time.

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