Ramsey – “See You Bleed” (Official Music Video)

I don’t know too much about Ramsey (there’s only a scanty amount I can collect from the internet), but what I observe is that she’s an artist to the core. Ramsey’s got a Cruel Intentions meets Fifty Shades of Gray chugging down cough syrup and choking Girl, Interrupted motif going on in the visual for her new single, “See You Bleed.” The young Fionna Apple look-alike, tatted up in henna ink and mysteriously cascading across the screen in nothing but a cardigan and her skivvies, creates a haunting visual that accompanies gut-wrenching screams and poignant and scratchy vocals. She freely abandons the conventional language of love by seducing us through a painful extinction that both chains our hearts and buries them under the surface of reasoning. Ramsey is a cross over artist; she could easily take the hip hop/electronic club scene by storm. The singer is a dark, twisted and beautiful soul. With a European sound comparable to that of the electrified trip hop of Sia and the synthpoppy sprinklings of Imogen Heap, she is sure to blow up like the she-wolf goddess that she is, and that she portrays in her saucy video.

Post by Jessica Brant

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