Review – WiseProof’s “Trapadelic”

“Trapadelic AF” should be the real title of this Miami-based rapper/DJ’s crème brulee of an album. Dessert can be sexy and so can trap music because I said so. Sexy crunk. Crunky sex? Meh. Whatever the description, the talent can’t be denied.  After hearing the first few tracks, I now know why WiseProof was granted the privilege of opening for headlining acts like Kanye West and Massive Attack. I must confess, though, that if I listen to trap music for long periods of time, back to back, cover to cover, I usually get a headache. So when I clicked on Soundcloud and saw that WiseProof’s album was a whopping 18 tracks long, a girl got scared. But alas, Trapadelic doesn’t disappoint. It leaves something to the imagination, dangling the question in the air of, how the HELL do you keep reinventing yourself in a genre that is so reinvented you’re not actually sure what to call it? Futuristic hip hop? Intergalactica hop? Philosophical glitch hop? What are the rules? I mean I could go on. Trapadelic pins a variety of influences against each other: Eurythmics vs. Kid Cudi. DMX vs. Lady Sovereign.  DJ Unk vs. the world. Toni Braxton vs. Monica. Andre 3000 vs. cyborgs from space. The influences are all packed in there. The pivots in his noise breaks are poetically constructed (he’s also a spoken word artist, listen to some of his older stuff), something reminiscent of an earlier Saul Williams. The swift, choppy beats laid against a female R&B crooner’s voice in “Dukes Up” will blow your ear drums out of the water. Don’t get me started on the project’s inaugural track “More More More More.” Twista on a roller coaster. A band of noise makers at an alien baptism. A garbage plate of sound and I don’t care about calories. Wut? Exactly. Go listen.

Post by Jessica Brant

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Review - WiseProof's "Trapadelic", 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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