Rihanna slaying in the new Saint Laurent Boots

There isn’t many people that can touch Rihanna when it comes to her unique sense of style, confidence and choice of designer clothes. She’s fierce, confident and a role model to all whether it be elegant attire or streetwear. Honored in the Hip Hop world and Fashion World, it’s no surprise that she’s always the topic of conversation when it comes to style. Her line, Fenty is already making history as new as it is and it always keeps people wanting more. But she doesn’t just slay in her own collections, she slays in EVERYTHING. So who best to rock the latest and best attire than Rihanna herself, right?

Rihanna was seen wearing the new Saint Laurent boots. The boots are thigh highs and covered in white, whispy feathers to its entirety. The pointed-toe boots were shown off at Paris Fashion week for Saint Laurent’s Spring, 2018 runway extravaganza just recently.

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She paired it with a black dress and dark jean jacket that slightly slouches off her shoulder. The dark colors paired with the bone-white Saint Laurent heels make a vivid contrast and definitely catches your eye. The way she’s sporting it, you’ll definitely want to get yourself a pair. Sadly enough, the rest of us have to wait for the release in spring of 2018.

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We can always trust RiRi to show us the latest and greatest of what’s to come in the fashion world. The photo can be seen on Miss Fresh-Off-The-Runway’s Instagram page. Check out her recent Pop-up shop for her new collection, Fenty University!

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