Seeking REDEMPTION (True TV Exclusive)

See what happens when a father returns home from prison as he tries to reconnect with the family he left behind. Many things go unexpected for him as they all have decided to move on.

A soul-stirring dramatic series about a father’s attempt to repair his broken family after being released from prison. For Colored Boys is a series of short stories that follow the lives of African American men from various walks of life as they navigate and overcome challenges, face their fears, find their truth, mend broken relationships, find love, build families and inspire the lives of many.

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The first season follows the life of Benjamin Boyd, Sr. who upon release from prison seeks to reunite his family by rekindling his relationship with wife, ‘Lisa’ and reassuming his role as father to his teenage daughter, Sidney and 20 year old son, ‘E’. A talented yet somewhat troubled young man, ‘E’ has had to shoulder a tremendous amount of responsibility during his father’s incarceration. Returning home, Benjamin finds his son is no longer a boy, but a man unwilling to acknowledge or accept the presence of his father.

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