SupaPat Dunkin’ into the Industry by Storm

While many may succumb to the trials and adversity they endure, up and coming rapper SupaPat was not going to let anything get in his way of success. You may wonder how does someone who was once bouncing from foster home to foster home, moving from state to state, and selling drugs on the street graduate from high school with honors, obtain a scholarship to college to later become a rapper, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. True magazine got the pleasure to sit down with the rapper for a very personal and in depth interview.

SupaPat knew rapping was something he wanted to pursue at the age of 18. Like many of our favorite artists today, the rapper was faced with many obstacles at a very young age. With an abundance of boundaries and milestones thrown at him, Patrick “SupaPat” Clark still managed to sustain a high G.P.A allowing him to graduate from high school with honors. Not only is the rapper good with his flows but he is also good on the court and received a walk-on basketball scholarship to Bellevue college. You may ask how does one who endured so much adversity manage to achieve all this. According to SupaPat, “Pretty much I got a strong mom. Second nature as I was raised. I had to do what I had to do to get ahead. I was trying to set myself apart.” He also states that “My main motivation is to have a perspective on all the different emotions- From having food to having money. A lot of music and movies are not genuine. They are fabricated to make someone feel some type of way. I bring personal experiences in.”

Though SupaPat did not complete college, he was still determined to make something out of his life. The 19 year old went on to pursue a career in real estate enrolling himself in school, simultaneously working on things for his then rap group “4Much.” “We grew up in the same neighborhood. After I left college we decided to make it official. We always rapped together,just never took it serious. It (the timing) was just right.” The 2005 mixtape “Menace 2 Society,” created a lot of buzz and the duo received a lot of. positive attention. After touring around Vegas doing shows and performances, 4Much called it quits.

SupaPat did not find it difficult venturing out of the group to a solo career. In fact, the rapper sparked much attention with his 2012 mixtape “Casino,” which was hosted by the notorious DJ Drama in which SupaPat describes the experience as exciting and different. Things heated up for SupaPat rapidly and he even opened up for Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar.

SupaPat turned us all the way up with his latest single,”Dunkin.” Fellas when you about to step out for the night, maybe hit a club or something “Dunkin” is definitely the song to have you feeling oh so fly. In fact, this is how he wants you to feel. “I was a heat game in Miami and Lebron dunked on the opposing team. That’s how I feel about myself when I get fresh and fly. The video was done in la. I hooked up with my man Dae and we made it happen.” The video was released back in June and is filled with foreign cars and lovely ladies.

When he is not in the studio, SupaPat is giving back to the underprivileged youth with his non-profit organization SUPA inc, Supporting Under Privileged Americans inc. SupaPat is no stranger to struggle and knows what it’s like to come from nothing. SUPA was created to contribute to the youths’ development and growth, helping them attain the resources needed to be successful.

SupaPat is destined to accomplish great things. His struggle and trial is what made him work as hard as he does today. He is not your average everyday rapper. He is building his legacy and empire as not only a rapper and entrepreneur, but a role model to our youth. When you think of SupaPat, don’t just think of a flossy gangster rapper rapping about cars, clothes, and girls but a young man who came from nothing and took his struggle and made it into something positive.

To learn more about the up-and-coming artist visit his website

By: Simone Grant


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