Did the minor spat between 50 Cent and French Montana just take a turn for the serious? That's the way it appears in a newly posted video by the

@50Cent #9Shots #SKI #StreetKingImmortal - 50 Cent hits the scene with new music titled "9 Shots". 50 goes back to his old school days of telling street rap

@0Cent #Gunit #MoveThatDope #SMSAudio - G Unit hits us wit another Remix and this time they target Future's "Move That Dope" single. Still no word on a G-Unit

@50Cent #News #GUnit #SMSAudio - The G-Unit reunion is in full swing, with multiple releases over the past few weeks, and fans can expect all of those tracks

@50Cent @LloydBanks @YoungBuck @TonyYayo #TheyTalkedAboutJesus - The Mightly Unit aka G Unit continues to keep their foot on the gas with dropping this week a new track titled

@50Cent #Power #STARZ - Starz has already given the green light to a 10-episode second season of the new drama Power. The New York-set drama just premiered last week,

@50Cent @YoungBuck @LloydBanks @TonyYayo #GUnit #Ordinary - G Unit back at it again but this time they jump on Trey Songz's "Ordinary" record and put their "Mightly Unit"

#News #Drama - It seem some people can't take their "L"& go home. Reports from AllHipHop states Slowbucks is not taken getting his chain snatched in front of