One of the driving factors that makes rap music as fun to listen to in 2017 is the way rap artists use language. The ambiguity of lyrics creates

For as long as were waiting for the Tupac biography film "All Eyez on Me" to come out, talks are dry right now regarding what other artists should

It can be hard to keep up with artist at times with it being the way it is today. It seems like there is a new artist that

While the fireworks are slowly calming down, Recording artist Lil Wayne decides to make a bang by dropping 4 new tracks that we titled "In Tune We Trust"

Last night, Lil Wayne was performing in Garden City, Idaho when a beverage flew at him. While Wayne was able to dodge it like Neo in the Matrix,

New visual from Recording artist Nicki Minaj for "No Frauds" featuring Drake & Lil Wayne.

We havent heard much from recording artist Tyga but it seems be working on his upcoming project "Bitch Im The Shit 2" and he drops two tracks one

Musical genius, lyrical assassin, and trendsetter, Raekwon has blessed us with timeless flows for 25 years and on March 24th, will release his seventh solo album The Wild. The

Well we finally get a round two on this rap beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma with Nicki teaming up with Drake & Lil Wayne for her