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The Profound Premiere of Wiki: No Mountains in Manhattan

Ian R
Patrick Morales’ invigorating dexterity and tone have elevated his voice into the conversation of New York hip-hop. Since splitting from his group “Ratking” in 2015,...
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Non-Profit 28.Jun Hope Song Sales Will Provide Shipping Costs 4 Tons of Aid 4 Balkan Flood Victims

Serbian Non-Profit 28.Jun Hopes Sales of Song Will Generate Shipping Costs for Much Needed Aid for Balkan Flood Victims $50,000 Needed to Ship 1.5 Million...
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10 Reasons Why The Slaughterhouse Album Will Flop!

-Top 10 List: 10 Reasons Why The Slaughter Album Will Flop!- 10.   They got their deal on a hook-up, not on merit. Eminem and Royce...