TDE Denies Ever Talking Or Trying To Sign Troy Ave

Its always a surprising twist in the Rap Game from who you know to he say she say stuff that get around but this interesting story just got more crazier than when we first heard it from Recording artist Troy Ave mention he in talks with signing with TDE.

Troy mention the TDE connection on his new album “NuPAC” on a record titled “Truth Be Told / PSA” where he discuss what happen that night at Irving Park with the shooting. While lock up he says Kendrick Lamar reach out to him and told him to keep his head during his case. Troy goes on to say later on he tried to connect with Top Dawg Entertainment on getting signed.

Well today that story just got kick out the window with Top Dawg, TDE CEO stepping in and addressing the rumor that Troy Ave almost signed with TDE.

No word from Troy Ave at this moment on the matter but it is what it is. Remember Troy Ave’s “NuPAC” is on iTunes now and Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN.” is in stores and everywhere now.

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